How do I Choose the Best USB Laptop Charger?

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A Universal Serial Bus (USB) laptop charger is a device you can use to charge other electronic devices through a laptop. You can plug a USB laptop charger into the USB port on your computer and then plug your cell phone, audio devices and other types of electronics into it. To choose the best charger, you may look for one that is lightweight, compact, and durable. Compatibility is important as well, and you may do well to look for one that will work with your laptop and a wide range of devices. Additionally, you may prefer to purchase a charger that includes a plug for a wall outlet and can be used with electrical outlets in numerous countries.

One important thing to consider when you want to purchase the best USB laptop charger is the experience of others. Often, review websites post consumer reviews written by people who have purchased and used chargers. By reading these reviews, you can learn which models are likely to work as expected and last for a significantly long period of time and which ones are likely to break easily, prove difficult to use, or fail to work altogether. While you may not want to make a decision based entirely on the results of consumer reviews, they can help you avoid purchasing a poorly designed product.


Size may also prove important when you are trying to choose the best laptop USB charger. Many people consider the smaller USB chargers better. You can carry a small USB laptop charger in a laptop bag or other type of container along with your laptop. Additionally, size may make a difference when it comes to using the adapter. If you will need to use it in a cramped space, smaller may again equal better.

You may also consider compatibility when you are trying to choose the best USB laptop charger. While you may want a charger that is compatible with your laptop, you may also want one that works with other devices. For example, you may want one that also works with portable audio devices, cell phones, and other devices you frequently use.

It may prove convenient to have a USB laptop charger that can be plugged into a wall outlet as well as your laptop. In such a case, you may prefer to purchase a charger that can be used worldwide. For example, you may find a laptop adapter that is compatible with electrical outlets in your country as well as numerous others.


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Post 2

@Viranty - I agree that it's helpful to check reviews. However, as the article states, one's decision about a product shouldn't be based around them. In my opinion, I feel that people stretch the truth about the flaws in their product(s), even sometimes going as far to discourage others from buying it.

As an example, if someone is dissatisfied because their product arrived too late, when they write the review (online), they may try to make others feel dissatisfied as well, convincing them that it's one of the worst brands/models ever conceived. Obviously, this isn't always the case, and many reviews are legit, but it's definitely something to think about.

Post 1

Regardless of the product you're buying, and whether you're shopping at a store or online, it's always a good idea to check customer reviews. As mentioned in the article, these reviews can help you determine the advantages and disadvantages of each brand/model. An informative piece, it does a good job at showing us that there's more to shopping than simply paying for your product.

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