How Do I Choose the Best under Cupboard TV?

G. Wiesen

As you are looking for the best under cupboard TV for your needs, you should consider the size you have available and the different features you may want the television to have. One of the easiest ways to narrow your search for the best TV is to measure the space underneath the cupboard you plan to use, so you can choose a TV that fits properly. You should keep in mind that you may need a power outlet and a connection for cable television or satellite signal near the location you wish to mount the TV. There are also some other features to consider, such as a radio receiver and digital versatile disc (DVD) player.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

An under cupboard TV is a small television that can be mounted under a cupboard, typically for use in a kitchen or bathroom. These TVs are often available in many sizes, usually with a flat screen. You should measure the cupboard and the area under the cupboard you have available before you choose a TV. The best under cupboard TV for you should fit in the space you have, with room for the screen itself and any other hardware, and with sufficient room for adjusting or turning the screen as desired.

You should also consider other practical aspects of the space you choose for your under cupboard TV. The area where you mount your TV should be close to a power outlet and any television signal connections you may have, such as a cable or satellite television connection. If mounting an under cupboard TV in a kitchen or bathroom, you should also choose an area that is far from splashing water. You may be able to choose a TV that is waterproof or water-resistant, and this can help ensure the longevity of your TV.

As you consider an under cupboard TV, you should also look for any additional features you may want on the TV. Many of these TVs are designed with a mounting device that functions as a cable or satellite signal receiver, and can also receive radio signals and may include a player for media such as DVDs. You should look for an under cupboard TV with a remote control, as this can make using such a TV in a kitchen or bathroom easier and safer. These TVs can also come with or connect to wireless speakers, allowing you to create surround sound in your bathroom or kitchen.

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An under counter television can be a great way to incorporate a television seamlessly into your kitchen. Many people scoff at the idea of filling you home with TVs. But I think the kitchen can be a great place to set one up. I have a feeling that any mother of small children would agree with me.

I really like that I can turn on some cartoons and keep an eye on my kids as I make them meals. I also like having a little bit of background noise as I cook. Its a helpful distraction for all of us.


My parents have an under the counter TV in their kitchen. It is probably 20 years old and the screen has become kind of blurred by all the grease and smoke that has accumulated on the screen over the years.

I know that my mom still turns it on but I think it is more about the sound than the image. She mostly wants to hear the newscasters speak as she is making dinner. So maybe it is more of a radio that has been improvised from a TV.

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