How Do I Choose the Best Typing Courses?

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To choose the best typing courses, it helps to first decide if you are interested in a typing certification or if you just want to complete a basic course to get some instruction. You may not know how to type at all; if you are interested in learning the basics of typing, there are beginner’s courses available. If you intend to improve your existing typing skill, you may want to choose from intermediate, advanced, or special typing courses.

There are beginner’s typing courses and games available that help make learning simple and even fun. Beginner’s courses start with the very basics, such as where to place your fingers on the keyboard. The center row of lettered keys is referred to as the home row. You will generally learn to type a few basic words that utilize the home row keys, and then begin adding more challenging words that include keys in the other rows. Some practice drills may also be included.

If you want to improve your typing, there are intermediate typing courses available. Improvement is basically a matter of getting more comfortable with all the keys and getting extra practice. If you hope to improve your typing skill for employment purposes, or so you can add typing as a skill on your resume, typing courses that offers certification may be a good choice. Intermediate lessons generally include some more challenging drills and may include timed tests to determine speed and accuracy.


Skills drills are generally included in advanced lessons and tend to include long, difficult words or phrases. You will usually be asked to focus on mastering the keystrokes before worrying about speed, but timed tests are likely to be included near the end of the course. Timed tests will help you see how many words you can correctly type in a set amount of time, generally one minute. Some employers require a base skill of a set number of words per minute.

You might also want to consider taking personal typing lessons. You may be able to take a quick keyboarding course, perhaps free of charge, at a community center. Community colleges also offer a number of quick, affordable courses such as typing courses or very basic, beginner’s computer instruction. Check on line for typing courses or simple typing tests as well. Many are offered free of charge.


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