How Do I Choose the Best Tuxedo Sofa?

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Tuxedo sofas are sofas designed with arms that are at or very near the same height of the backs. Boasting lines that are relatively simple, this sort of sofa can work very well in both a casual and a formal living area. When choosing the best tuxedo sofa for a space, it is important to keep in mind factors such as scale, design, and cost in mind.

One of the first points to consider with a tuxedo sofa is the scale of the piece. Many people make the mistake of buying a sofa that is too large for the area, making the room seem crowded. While the tuxedo sofa should be long enough to accommodate anyone living in the home and with a back that is tall enough to allow everyone to sit comfortably, making it a point to measure the space the sofa will occupy in advance will make it easier to focus on different tuxedo sofa options that will be to scale with the size of the room.


It is also important to remember that there are a number of different designs available with a tuxedo sofa. The distinguishing characteristic of the sofa is that the arms are as tall as the back of the sofa, or at least very close to the same height. From there, the backs may be tufted, the arms may include a scroll design, or the sofa may sport movable pillows that fit along the back for additional comfort. Taking into consideration the general d├ęcor of the room as well as how the space will be used often makes it easier to decide whether to go with a tuxedo sofa that is more utilitarian or one that is somewhat more ornate.

Cost is also an important factor when choosing the right tuxedo sofa for the space. If the sofa will see a great deal of use, spending a little more for a sturdier frame and upholstery that can hold up to a lot of wear and tear is a very good investment. While there are budget-priced sofas that may do very well if there is only a single adult in the household, a home that includes several adults and children will require seating that is sturdy and built to last. Even if there is not a lot of money to spend on the tuxedo sofa, always go for something that will last for at least several years. Doing so will prevent you from owning a tuxedo sofa that is sagging and looks weather beaten after no more than a year or two of use.


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