How Do I Choose the Best Tufted Carpet?

Emily Espinoza

To choose the best tufted carpet, consider what kind of backing you want the carpet to have, what texture you want the fibers to have, and if there are any special features that will be beneficial to you. The backing of your tufted carpet determines how durable it is and how easy it is to install. The texture of the fibers in your carpet affects how it looks in your home as well as how it feels when you walk on it. Additional features can also have an effect on durability and appearance.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

The backing of tufted carpet is the base through which all of the carpet fibers are sewn. It can be woven or nonwoven. A woven backing is made of yarn that is woven together to form a fabric base. A nonwoven backing is generally made from a synthetic material that is much stiffer than a woven fabric. Some consumers enjoy the soft flexibility of a woven backing while others would rather have the sturdy durability of a nonwoven backing.

When choosing between the two, remember that a woven backing will be more susceptible to wear and tear. A nonwoven backing, however can be more difficult to install, as it is more prone to wrinkling. While you are looking into the backing, also consider how much padding you want underneath your carpet and whether it is attached or separate.

The texture of tufted carpet is what most people consider first because it is the part that you actually see and feel. The way the threads are finished off is referred to as the pile and comes in cut, loop, and a cut and loop combination. Cut pile gives carpet a looser, fluffier feeling, while loop pile is tighter and flatter. The heights of the threads also play a role in the final effect, as they may be all one length or of varied lengths for more dimension.

Tufted carpets are most often made in solid colors but occasionally use combinations of color or patterns. Patterns are the hardest to create in tufted carpet and are harder to find. One common color option is a light neutral base color mixed with random flecks of an accent color, such as the color pattern used for most Berber carpets. Some additional features to look for are stain and soil resistance, antimicrobial treatment, and antistatic treatment.

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