How Do I Choose the Best Trust Deed Buyers?

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Trust deed buyers buy the ownership rights you hold. Typically, choosing the best trust deed buyers comes down to choosing the company that provides options that best fit your needs. Generally, you want to determine the payment options for the trust deed, which company will offer the highest or best price and your reason for cashing in the trust deed in the first place.

The first consideration in choosing the best trust deed buyers is the payment options available. The three primary trust deed payments options are full, partial or split-payment purchase. Some trust deed buyers offer other purchase options, so you should review the details of these options to match the payment that best suits your needs.

With a full purchase option, the trust deed buyers pay you the full amount of the remaining mortgage payments on the deeded property. It is a lump sum payment, where you receive all of your money for the purchase upfront. The advantage to this is that you get all of the money for selling the asset right away. This option is generally for someone who is trying to get out from under the asset altogether.


A partial payment option means that the trust deed buyers purchase some of the remaining mortgage payments. You still receive the payment in a lump sum form, but you do not receive the full asset value or mortgage amount. Generally, this is the best option for someone who needs to generate a specific amount of money.

A split-payment purchase means that the trust deed buyers pay a portion of each of the remaining mortgage payments. This payment option also provides a lump sum upfront and ongoing cash payments on a monthly basis.

The second consideration is the price you can get for selling the trust deed. Several different factors contribute to the price the buyer will pay for it. These factors include the type of property the trust deed secures, the market value of the secured property, the mortgage balance, the mortgage interest rate, credit history, number of payments remaining on the mortgage and current interest rate values.

Finally, you need to match your needs with the offer of the trust deed buyers. If you find a buyer that provides the amount of money you need and in the format you need to receive it in, then this is the best trust deed buyer for you.


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