How do I Choose the Best Tribulus Supplement?

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You can choose the best Tribulus supplement by speaking with your doctor or pharmacist about your individual needs, and determining if it would benefit your situation. Be sure to mention any other supplements or medications you are taking, especially if you are taking them to treat the same condition. Tribulus supplements can be found online or in some health food stores, and are used primarily to help with male sexual dysfunction and to increase testosterone levels for this reason or to help with increasing muscle mass. You may also choose a formulation to help with inflammation or chronic pain.

A Tribulus supplement is a pill or capsule made from the herb tribulus, which is a flowering plant that has been used for health reasons for many years. It generally grows best in humid tropical regions. Although it features blooms and greenery, the part of the plant used for medicinal purposes is the root, which is is used in making extracts or it is sometimes eaten raw for similar effects.


If you intend to use the Tribulus supplement to help with impotence or sexual dysfunction, you may want to check with your doctor to ensure that there isn’t an underlying medical reason for your problem. Once this has been cleared, talk to him about using the supplement to increase your sexual performance. He may recommend a specific formulation that is combined with other ingredients to enhance effectiveness. Your doctor can also help you determine the appropriate dosage requirements.

In some cases, use of a Tribulus supplement may help with infertility. Some studies have shown that is helps increase sperm motility and can even help the body produce more sperm. To determine the correct supplement option for this purpose, you may start out with a lower dosage and have your sperm tested to determine if it is having the desired effect. If so, you can continue to alter your dosage until sperm mobility is where it should be.

Studies have not definitively proven whether using a Tribulus supplement is effective at treating or preventing pain and inflammation. It can be used as a dietary supplement, so if you feel it helps you, then there is usually no harm in taking a pill daily. Just be sure you discuss any chronic pain with your doctor to determine the root cause.

Some athletes have taken Tribulus supplements to help increase muscle mass during workouts. This is generally a safer and less controversial method when compared to using steroids, which have a host of unwanted side effects. There are no known adverse reactions associated with taking supplements of Tribulus other than mild stomach upset. This is usually not a long-term problem and can usually be alleviated by taking the pills with a meal or directly after. If stomach problems are bothersome, you may consider lowering the dosage temporarily and then slowly increasing it again to the desired level.


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