How do I Choose the Best Tree House Kits?

Jessica Ellis

A tree house kit includes a building plan and materials to construct a tree house. They can be purchased from toy stores, outdoor suppliers, and specialty construction groups. Tree house kits come in many different types and levels of difficulty, so there are many things to consider before deciding on the model. Factors to think about include budget, the personality and style of the tree house dwellers, how a tree house will affect the aesthetic of the house, and the experience level of the builder relative to the difficulty of the plan.

A hammer is a necessary tool for building a treehouse that may not be included in a kit.
A hammer is a necessary tool for building a treehouse that may not be included in a kit.

Tree houses used to rely on the carpentry skills of the builders to design and implement a tree house, but tree house kits make it easy for anyone to construct one. Although some understanding of tools and construction is still necessary, most tree house kits include detailed instructions as well as a list of required tools and materials. Tree house kits may take hours or days to complete, but provide a great chance for families to work together to create a fun space.

Consider budget carefully when comparing tree house kits. Remember that most kits do not include tools such as hammers, nails, and drills, although many do include all construction pieces. Be sure to consider the price of accessories, as well, such as swings, curtains, and paint. Setting a manageable budget and sticking to it will ensure that a person can afford the new tree house.

Tree houses can be tropical huts, fairy dwellings, or even pirate ships. With choices so wide and varied, it is important to consider the personality of the intended users of the tree house. Many people choose traditional-looking tree houses that will remain cool for years, rather than choosing fad designs or motifs that may go out of style with kids very quickly. For longevity's sake, also consider building a larger model of tree house than currently necessary, so that kids can still use the house as they grow.

Building materials are also important when choosing tree house kits. Whether you use plastic, wood, or recycled materials, try to make a tree house that blends in with the rest of the yard and does not disrupt the look of the location. This will allow kids and adults to coexist in an outdoor space in relative peace. Be sure also to choose tree house kits that fit the available trees; check required dimensions before purchasing.

Although many tree house kits contain careful instructions, multi-level structures and complex designs still require some construction savvy. Try to avoid choosing a design that looks too far beyond your existing carpentry and construction skills; the more difficult the plan is, the more frustrating building it can become. Choosing a simpler design can allow families to work together with a minimum of irritation over the work and difficulty level.

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