How Do I Choose the Best Travel Shampoo?

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Often, regular shampoo is available in small travel or trial sizes. If your regular shampoo is unavailable in travel-sized containers, however, you may need to use a different travel shampoo to match your hair type. Travelers also can fill empty travel-size containers with regular shampoo. Shampoo and conditioner combinations, along with waterless shampoos, are also excellent travel shampoo options. If you are traveling by plane, you should make sure that any travel toiletries you carry will be allowed on the plane.

Travel shampoos come in small sizes, and they allow for much more room in a suitcase or travel bag. Generally, most major shampoo manufacturers sell travel shampoo. If you have a shampoo preference, you should look for it in a small travel size.

If you are unable to find your favorite shampoo in a travel size, you will may need to purchase a different brand. Be sure to purchase a shampoo that matches your hair type. You should be able to find a travel shampoo that meets your needs, whether you have dry, oily, damaged, or color treated hair. Dandruff shampoos can be found in travel sizes as well.


Empty toiletry travel containers can also be used to carry your favorite shampoo when you are traveling. These kits generally include separate containers for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and spray. The containers are usually made from lightweight durable plastic, and some may also include tamper-evident seals. To carry your favorite shampoo with you, simply pour it into the travel shampoo container.

You may also consider a travel shampoo and conditioner combination. This will often eliminate the need to buy a separate travel conditioner. Since both of these hair care products are combined into one container, you will have more room in your luggage.

Waterless shampoos are another option when you are looking to purchase a travel shampoo. This type of shampoo is usually made from some type of powder, like talcum powder or cornstarch. Users sprinkle the powder onto the scalp and work it into the hair before shaking the waterless shampoo out. The powder absorbs most of the oil in the hair, leaving it feeling clean and fresh.

When traveling, you will usually have to abide by several rules regarding what you may pack. Most airlines do not allow passengers to carry liquids, including toiletries, in containers larger than a certain size. Before you choose a travel shampoo, you should first check with the airline to ensure that you will be allowed to carry it on the plane.


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