How Do I Choose the Best Toy Screwdriver?

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Many children enjoy emulating older siblings, parents, and other adults, and having toy tools allows them to pretend they are working on projects or building things just like the big guys and gals. Since a screwdriver can be used frequently for many different tasks, from simple maintenance and repairs to major projects, using a toy screwdriver is a great way to practice for real projects later. Such a toy is an excellent tool for helping build imagination.

The first item on the list when choosing a toy screwdriver is safety. The tip of the screwdriver is the most important part to check to make sure the toy won’t cause injury. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s age warnings for toys to help ensure safety.

The most common types of toy tools are generally made of plastic, although some are made of wood or other materials. A toy screwdriver can be made of very soft materials for small children, including plush or stuffed pieces, while other more realistic models are available for bigger kids. These toys often come in bright colors.

Little hands will have an easier time grasping and holding onto bulkier toys, so look for those specially designed for little ones. As kids grow, they will probably be interested in a more realistic toy screwdriver that looks just like the one Mom, Dad, or other adults use. Kids might also like to have a nice tool belt to store their toy tools.


A toy screwdriver may be packaged in a toy tool kit. A pair of screwdrivers, one flathead and one Phillips, offers some variety, while other sets include both types in several different sizes. Some kits also include a number of other toy tools, a toolbox, or even a play workbench. You can find a nice variety from which to choose, with offerings available for boys and girls of most ages. While many people may instinctively purchase toy tools for little boys, girls can also benefit from a toy screwdriver. Girls can grow up feeling just as comfortable using tools as their brothers.

If you are ecology conscious, you can even find a “green,” or more environmentally friendly, toy screwdriver and other tool kits made of recycled plastic. Some brands recycle plastic milk containers and turn the recycled materials into plastic toys. With these products, you can teach a child how to fix or build things while also teaching him or her about the environment.


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Post 2

My little nephew is so cute. He has this toy work bench and it is his favorite toy. Its has a little toy hammer and drill and screwdriver. It also has some fake plastic boards and some blocks with screws and bolts on them.

He is only 2 1/2 so he really has no idea how any of the stuff works. He can kind of mimic the motions but he mostly just pounds stuff together. Still, it is adorable to see and there are times when you cannot pry him away from that thing.

Post 1

Well I don't see why toy screwdrivers should be any different than real screwdrivers. So it is probably best to get both a Phillips head and a flat head. I know this seems like a silly thing to think about, but maybe your little kid will grow up to be a handier adult because of it.

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