How Do I Choose the Best Top Sirloin Marinade?

Jodee Redmond

The definition of what makes the best top sirloin marinade will vary, depending on personal taste. It's possible to put a marinade together which will help to tenderize the meat while adding flavor by using three or four simple ingredients. When looking for a way to prepare this tasty main course item, cooks can choose from several themes, including citrus, herb and BBQ flavors. No matter what type of flavor is desired, using good quality ingredients will help to make the steak tender and tasty.

Lemon juice is a great addition to a sirloin marinade.
Lemon juice is a great addition to a sirloin marinade.

A basic marinade for meat will include oil and vinegar, as well as some type of spices or flavor ingredient. Vegetable or olive oils may be used for this purpose, depending on the recipe chosen. White vinegar or one of the flavored varieties can be used to make the top sirloin marinade. If a flavored vinegar is chosen, the other ingredients should complement it to make a good-tasting mixture.

Vinegar may be used as a sirloin marinade.
Vinegar may be used as a sirloin marinade.

Once the oil and vinegar have been chosen, the person cooking the steak can consider adding other ingredients to provide flavor to the marinade. Lemon juice or pepper can be used to jazz up a top sirloin marinade. The cook may also want to grate some lemon peel into the mix to give it an interesting texture. Orange or lime juice can also be used to prepare a tasty marinade. Some recipes call for a sweet ingredient to balance out the citrus flavor, and brown sugar may be used for this purpose.

Fresh or dried herbs may be used as part of the ingredients to prepare a top sirloin marinade. Garlic, rosemary and thyme are popular choices for this type of marinade. These ingredients can be combined with onions and tomatoes for a fresh, tasty mixture to place on the steak.

People who enjoy a traditional BBQ flavor for their steak may want to choose a top sirloin marinade which includes ingredients like ketchup and chili sauce. Some people want a very simple marinade and use a prepared BBQ sauce for this purpose, adding more to the meat during cooking.

Cooks who want to prepare their own top sirloin marinade should take care to choose good quality ingredients. If fresh herbs will be used, they should be purchased shortly before use. Fruits and vegetables being used for the marinade should be inspected for quality before using them in a recipe for a top sirloin marinade.

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