How do I Choose the Best Toothbrush Holder?

B. Miller

To choose the best toothbrush holder, you will want to find one that matches the decor of your bathroom, is easy to clean, and can easily accommodate toothbrushes of different sizes, such as battery operated toothbrushes. Toothbrush holders are inexpensive items, and it is easy to replace them whenever the need arises. A toothbrush holder is often sold in a set with other items such as a soap dish and pump for hand lotion or hand soap, making it easy to coordinate.

A good toothbrush holder can accommodate toothbrushes of differing sizes.
A good toothbrush holder can accommodate toothbrushes of differing sizes.

In general, it is best to purchase a toothbrush holder that is relatively open, or at least has a removable cap. If you choose a toothbrush holder with an older design, which usually looks like a cup with a fixed lid with four holes in it, these can be impossible to clean. The inside of the cup can get very dirty and unsanitary every time a toothbrush is put back in. Instead, choosing an open toothbrush holder, or one with a removable lid, ensures that you can thoroughly clean the holder and prevent the buildup of bacteria or mildew.

You may also want to find a toothbrush holder that can hold larger toothbrushes, such as battery operated toothbrushes that have a wider handle. Many electronic toothbrushes come with their own holder, but some of the less expensive ones do not. Choose a holder where the brush heads are kept separate from each other while the brushes are in the holder, to avoid spreading germs. There are some more expensive toothbrush holders that advertise the fact that they kill germs on the brush head using an ultraviolet light that turns on every night when the toothbrush is put back in the holder; whether this is a necessary feature is up to the consumer. It is best to replace a toothbrush every three months anyway, because the bristles begin to wear out and do not do as well when cleaning the teeth.

The other consideration when looking for a toothbrush holder is the decor of your bathroom. You will want to buy a holder that fits into your general color scheme. As mentioned above, it is often possible to find a holder sold in a set with other items, so they all coordinate and match when sitting on the sink. Toothbrush holders for kids' bathrooms may feature animals, cartoon characters or princesses, for example. Other popular bathroom themes include sea shells, fish, or floral decor.

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