How Do I Choose the Best Tonic for Hair Growth?

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Hair loss often elicits negative feelings from its victims, so finding the best product to help your situation can be a priority. Before beginning to use any product, however, you should obtain an evaluation and opinion from a trusted medical professional who will consider both your history and the side effects and studies of available products. You may also opt to see a specialist such as an endocrinologist or dermatologist to determine if there are any physical factors that could be a cause for hair loss. Tonic for hair growth products include both those to stimulate new hair growth, and those that promise to slow existing hair loss. There are a variety of products available over-the-counter or on the internet at a wide range of costs, so be sure to do your research before selecting a product.


The best place to start when beginning to look for a tonic for hair growth is your family doctor. Although you may have turned to the Internet due to embarrassment or financial restraints, your doctor is familiar with your medical history and the many products on the market. There might be a prescription that would work far better than anything available over the counter, or there could be an underlying medical cause that could be uncovered through a lab test that either requires treatment or for which treatment would improve the hair loss. Money spent at the doctor's office might very well end up being less than spending money on products that are then thrown away because they do not work for your circumstance.

Other doctors to whom you may be referred, or for whom you may want to bypass the family doctor, are an endocrinologist or a dermatologist. An endocrinologist may evaluate any hormonal factors that can be a common cause of hair loss, and a dermatologist can do the same for a skin condition. Both may also have experience with tonics for hair growth on the market, and can make an educated recommendation along with your medical history.

You should also decide whether or not you expect your tonic for hair growth to create new hair growth, or whether it will work in slowing hair loss. With regards to hair growth, some hair tonics work with your scalp to create a good environment by unblocking hair follicles and rejuvenating hair roots. Aromatherapists can work with you, providing essential oils to stimulate hair follicles or to massage the scalp. This may have a positive side effect of relaxation and stress relief, both of which may increase hair growth.

Conversely, you may also want to slow hair loss. Herbal remedies are available for a natural solution, from seaweed with important amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, to aloe vera that is known to calm irritated skin and reduce inflammation. Other products include laser combs, special shampoo, and tablets. Be careful to research expert opinions and options on whichever product that you decide to try, as there may be homeopathic options for many chemical tonics on the market.

An Internet search for the best tonic for hair growth will result in plenty of sales pitches for a variety of products. Plenty of blogs also exist on hair tonics, although caution should be used, as some manufacturers of hair tonics will place their own reviews or reviews against competitors in order to boost appearance and sales, and may not offer true experiences. This is also a good place to compare costs for the varying products available.


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