How do I Choose the Best Tire Inflator with Gauge?

Troy Holmes

There are many types of tire pressure gauges available today. One unique version is the combination inflator with gauge device. These types of inflators provide the dual benefit of an inflation device with an automatic gauge designed for checking air pressure. Choosing the best type of gauge depends on the budget and planned usage for the tool. The gauges are available in either metal or plastic with a rubber hose connection.

A bicycle tire inflator with an air pressure gauge.
A bicycle tire inflator with an air pressure gauge.

A standard tire inflator with gauge will require an additional compressor for air pressure. The gauge device is connected to a rubber hose that must be connected to an air output unit that produces the air for the tire. It is important to purchase an inflator with gauge that includes and air chuck and inlet connector. This will make adaptability easier with most air compressors units.

Car tires must be properly inflated to avoid damage to the wheel and loss of control while driving.
Car tires must be properly inflated to avoid damage to the wheel and loss of control while driving.

A digital tire inflator and gauge has a more elegant design. These portable gauges are the most expensive version of tire inflator available. A digital unit is typically more accurate and normally used by individuals who require detailed tire pressure accuracy. Some examples may include race car drivers, bike riders, and motorcycle racing enthusiasts.

Most gas stations provide customers with a metal-tipped version of the tire inflator with gauge device. This hose is connected to an air compressor machine that is typically located near the vacuum cleaners at a service station. This machine can be used by customers for a nominal fee.

The tire pressure gauge is simple to operate. Air is released into the hose device by squeezing the pressure valve on the side of the gauge. The tire inflator device pushes air into the tires and automatically reads the tire pressure when the valve is released.

A portable tire inflator with gauge is a good option for individuals who frequently travel the roads. Having the small, modular gauge device is typically better for daily commuters. This device can easily sit in the glove box or trunk of most cars and trucks.

Truck drivers and heavy equipment operators may prefer a full tire inflation system. This type of tire inflator device includes a portable air compressor. Having a full inflation system is important in the construction industry because it saves valuable time for the workers. The inflation system requires more space than a simple gauge and is typically stored in the truck bed.

The plastic version of tire inflator with gauge is usually the least expensive type available. This form of gauge is more likely to break with extended use but is less expensive then the metal version. The plastic gauge is circular and is normally connected to the hose area with screws.

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