How Do I Choose the Best Tiger Lily Bouquet?

Megan Shoop

Tiger lilies feature large, oblong petals that curl outward, revealing delicate and powdery centers. The petals are often bright orange with black speckles, making them a lovely addition to autumn floral arrangements, cheerful bouquets, and wedding flower creations. When you’re choosing a tiger lily bouquet, it is important to consider why you need the bouquet, how long you want it to last, and which flowers combine well with tiger lilies. There are dozens of different varieties of tiger lily bouquet, so many of your choices will probably be based on personal preference in addition to those other factors.

Calla lilies make a good contrast in a tiger lily bouquet.
Calla lilies make a good contrast in a tiger lily bouquet.

People who enjoy tiger lilies may know that they represent prosperity and good fortune. This typically makes them a good choice for get well or thank you gifts, wedding bouquets, and sympathy arrangements. Get well and sympathy arrangements often feature many bright colors since rainbow-colored flowers can be cheerful and uplifting. Therefore, pink, purple, yellow, and red flowers may be good choices for these kinds of tiger lily bouquet. For instance, a pretty sympathy arrangement might feature pink tiger lilies, red tulips, and yellow and purple freesias.

A thank you bouquet might also feature a variety of colors, but can be slightly understated, with plenty of green added to the arrangement. Green also represents prosperity, so the arrangement may convey the good fortune you wish on the person receiving the gift. Fern leaves, long blades of ornamental grass, white irises, and yellow lilies may be the perfect combination to say 'thank you' to someone who gave you a thoughtful gift or did you a favor.

A wedding tiger lily bouquet might look best with lots of other flowers in white, to showcase the brightness and drama of the lilies. White miniature roses, calla lilies, and peonies mixed with colorful tiger lilies could create an elegant bouquet. If you want a simpler wedding arrangement, you might combine white and pink flowers with your tiger lilies for a simple-but-sophisticated look. Most lilies also last for up to 10 days if they’re hydrated properly, so such a wedding bouquet shouldn’t wilt unevenly.

Something to consider when choosing the individual lilies for your tiger lily bouquet is freshness. If you don’t intend to display or send the bouquet for a day or two, you may choose closed or partially closed tiger-lilies. When placed in water, they’ll bloom within a day or two. Closed buds that are allowed to open in the bouquet typically last longer than arranged open lilies. You might also choose a combination of open and closed tiger lilies, because these flowers often look just as lovely in bud as they do when in full bloom.

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