How do I Choose the Best Tiffany Wall Sconces?

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When most people talk about Tiffany glass, they tend to think about the unique and colorful stained glass usually associated with the legendary name. If you are shopping for Tiffany wall sconces, you want to be sure you are purchasing authentic Tiffany glass by shopping in a store certified to sell Tiffany products. Since Tiffany wall sconces are multicolored, you may also want to consider the color scheme in your home before you decide on a lamp. There are also vintage Tiffany wall sconces, but choosing one may depend largely on your budget, as these antiques can be quite pricey. If you want to spend less, you may want to consider buying a fixture that is “Tiffany style” as opposed to the real thing.

If you want a vintage Tiffany wall sconce, you will need to do a little homework to ensure that the item is genuine. There are many fake Tiffany lamps available, and you should probably consult an antiques expert to make sure that your sconce is an authentic Tiffany. Vintage Tiffany wall sconces are often one-of-a-kind creations, but they can be very costly, so making sure your purchase is genuine may be a wise decision.


Tiffany wall sconces are famous for their many hues, ranging from deep purple to amber. They also come in a variety of shapes and designs, from down-focused lights with double angels to a single light featuring a rain forest scene. There are even sconces for those who enjoy the unusual, like a rust colored sconce with a buffalo design in a dusky background of Tiffany glass. Of course, there are traditional fishscale lamps, in earthy tones like bronze or mahogany, for those who tend to be conservative in their tastes. If you enjoy a lot of color, a dragonfly sconce that combines deep shades of red, blue and green may be a good choice for you.

Maybe the price tag of a Tiffany wall sconce just isn’t within your budget. In that case, you may want to shop for one of the many “Tiffany-style” sconces that are on the market. At a fraction of the cost, they often provide similar ambiance and colorful light to a room. This kind of sconce can be elegant and pleasing to the eye, and, if you do not tell your guests, they may even assume your lighting fixtures are the real thing.


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