How Do I Choose the Best Therapy Chair?

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When choosing a therapy chair, it's best to make your selection from a medical supply store. It's a good idea to buy a therapy chair that is recommended by a licensed physiotherapist or medical practitioner. Most professional therapists prefer equipment that is ergonomically designed for optimal positioning. Check the maximum weight capacity, to be certain the chair will support the weight of the individual using it. Do not buy an adult sized therapy chair for a child, unless it is fully adjustable.

Buying your rehabilitation chair online might offer the best selection and reasonable prices. Shipping could be expensive however, especially for a large and heavy product. Some therapy equipment will require assembly, so take this into consideration when making your selection.

It's best to choose a therapy chair that is lightweight and portable. A therapy chair on wheels will be convenient for moving about from room to room or for transporting. Folding therapy chairs are convenient for storing away. If you have a designated therapy room however, a stationary chair should work fine.

If the chair is to be used for chemotherapy treatment or transfusions, look for multi-function padded armrests. In addition, a therapy chair with a low entrance seat is convenient for those with limited mobility. The low-seat option is also helpful to wheelchair users.


Whatever type of rehabilitation chair you choose, be sure it is made with soft, padded upholstery. The rehabilitation chair should be well cushioned and offer lumbar support for the back. A vinyl therapeutic chair is best because it is durable and easy to wipe clean.

Your therapy chair needs to be well built and sturdy. Look for solid construction with all metal parts, and a steel or carbon fiber frame. You will want your rehabilitation chair to last for many years, so choose one that includes a lifetime warranty if possible.

A therapeutic chair should be fully adjustable to accommodate your needs, or the needs of anyone using it. If there is an adjustment lever, it should be easily accessible and simple to operate. The headrest should be fully adjustable as well. For safety and quality assurance, the rehabilitation chair should be designed by an ergonomics expert.

Look for a chair that includes little extras to enhance the therapeutic experience. For example, a chasm on the side of the chair to hold essential oils for aromatherapy can be a nice feature. A protective cover to keep the chair clean and dust-free when not in use is another good feature. If you can find a therapy chair that includes an instructional video, that is an extra bonus.


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