How Do I Choose the Best Texturizing Spray?

D. Nelson

People use texturizing spray when they want to make their hair more manageable and to give it better shape and definition. By using an effective texturizer, an individual can give his or her hair a style that stays in place for the greater part of a day. To choose the best texturizing spray, your first step should be to consider how much money you would like to spend on this product and which level of quality you expect. If you have regular access to a hair stylist whom you respect and trust, you should ask him or her to recommend a spray that is right for your hair and which also is in your price range. It also is a good idea to be aware of any allergies you might have and the sensitivity of your scalp to avoid irritation caused by ingredients in texturizing spray.

Some texturizing sprays are made specifically for use on thick and curly hair.
Some texturizing sprays are made specifically for use on thick and curly hair.

Consumers typically find texturizing sprays at their local markets and convenience stores, hair salons, and on websites that specialize in selling cosmetics and haircare products. Texturizing spray can range in price from only a few US dollars to prices that are well into the double digits. It also is common to find sprays that are made for consumers who have certain needs in mind, such as spray that is designed for people with curly hair, spray for people who have thick hair, and spray designed for people who have thin hair.

Texurizing spray can help give hair more definition and shape.
Texurizing spray can help give hair more definition and shape.

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When you are looking for the best texturizing spray for your needs, it might be helpful to narrow down your options by price. For instance, some people are willing to pay more for haircare products that have greater reputations and which often are found in specialty stores and hair salons. Other people, however, are interested in texturizing spray that might add a little definition to their hair, but they don't necessarily feel that they need to pay a lot for professional level hairspray. A benefit of choosing less expensive texturizing sprays is that you can try several to determine which one works best for your hair, while with a more expensive spray you might feel that you are making a greater commitment.

Individuals who have trustworthy haircare providers might ask them for advice. In some cases, a stylist might use a certain texturizing spray on his or her clients. If the product your stylist uses is something you believe works well in your hair, you should ask him or her where to purchase similar products.

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@ocelot60- I use a hair texturizing spray, and I really like it. It doesn't weigh my hair down, but does keep my style exactly how I want it all day long.

One important thing to remember when you apply any type of texturizing spray is that just a little bit will go a long way. If you put too much in your hair, it could make your style go flat.


I used a hair product years ago that was suppose to texturize my hair. The problem with it was that it weighted down my hair as the day went on, so I quit using it. Are today's texturizing more effective and do the job they are suppose to do?

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