How do I Choose the Best Termite Companies?

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Choosing among the best termite companies involves contacting each one, doing research on prices and practices, and making sure there is no serious negative feedback. Termite service is often a very expensive and very involved process. The alternative, however, is often much worse. Therefore, making sure as much work is done before signing a contract is high recommended.

All termite companies being considered should have some basic things. They all need to be licensed through the state, have liability insurance, and be able to offer references. All of these things should be provided upon request, and they certainly should be requested. All termite companies who cannot provide these things should be excluded immediately. In most cases, the license number will be printed right on the vehicle. If it's not immediately visible, or on any literature the company provides, ask about it, or contact your state's department of agriculture, or whatever department handles such licensing in your state.

Due to the expense involved in termite service, there must be some research done on costs. If licensing and insurance are not issues, then cost may be the next greatest factor to consider. It is best to get quotes from a few of the better termite companies, after making sure the conditions listed above are met. Further, ask if there are any guarantees offered. If not, it may also be a good idea to ask in regard to the expense of follow-up service.


Once costs are considered, verify how the termite companies will combat the problem. Termite companies may choose different methods and insecticides. Ask about each option, and why the company prefers to use one over the other. Talk about where the poisons will be placed, and how dangerous each one may be to the rest of the household. These issues could be especially important if young children or pets are in the home. While it may not be possible to completely avoid all risks, knowing the dangers going into the treatment should provide at least some peace of mind. The best termite companies will walk through the options, and leave you with written literature on the options of interest.

The other thing to look at is any complaints that others may have made against the company. Of course, the references the company offers are likely to be very favorable. Therefore, a little more digging should be done. Sometimes, there may be information about a company online, particularly on discussions forums. In other cases, contacting the Better Business Bureau in your local area may be an option, if one exists. This agency can tell you if there have been any formal complaints filed, if they were resolved, and how they were settled.


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Post 4

I work for a pest and termite company so maybe I can answer some of these questions.

Monthly pest service is usually recommended for clients with difficult problems that require more follow up. If your company has you on a monthly frequency it may be due to that. If they told you they need to come out more often because of rain, they may not have access to the proper products. We have many different products for all weather conditions that all have a residual life of three months.

As for termite service, you need to look at the guarantee and products being used. Not all products are created equally and some baiting systems are not as effective. Be sure

if baiting you are getting sentricon with recruit HD; it's an always active system that offers a greater success rate for prevention. Also, the guarantee in case of failure: be sure of what you're getting into. Many companies exclude hardwood floors and personal possessions. Some guarantees have terms that limit your rights as customers also.

If you live in the Southeast, see if Massey services is in your area. We do no cost inspections and consultations.

Post 3

I am confused by companies which offer termite control, but have to come back monthly. Is there any type of termite control that actually lasts? Are the re-visits necessary because the "poisons" are outside and can be washed away by rain?

Sonia Verma
Post 2

I remember a company named pestscontrol. they are very old in this field they give a good service in our office and house. Thanks

Post 1

I am considering using ORKIN for termite control. Please let me know if you have any useful information that you can provide before I pay out $1400. Thanks

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