How do I Choose the Best Termite Chemical?

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As with many other chemicals, choosing the best termite chemical largely depends upon your own preferences. If you prefer not to use chemicals anywhere near your home, then there are some other ways to get rid of termites. If chemicals are not a problem for you, then you will find that there are a number of sprays to choose from. Either way, termite control begins with prevention.

Termites live off of dead plant waste. This waste can come in the form of wood, animal dung, leaf litter, or soil. Therefore, keeping these items away from your home is a good idea. The first place to begin is with any stacks of firewood that you may have inside or outside of your home. Searching for the best termite chemical is futile unless you remove these items.

Firewood should be stacked off of the ground away from your house. Purchasing a firewood rack is a good way to prevent termites from burrowing into the wood and into your home. In addition, any shrubs or trees that may be surrounding your home should be trimmed regularly. Termites tend to expose themselves during the springtime, so make sure to watch for them during this time of year.


Another way to prevent termite infestation is to be certain that all porch, deck, and foundation cracks are sealed. Termites can easily crawl into these spaces. If you notice a crack, purchase some sealant at your local hardware store. For those people who already have termites, finding an effective way to get rid of termites is crucial.

Natural ways to eliminate termites include allowing spiders, ants, beetles, and flies to remain inside and outside of your home; adding a bat house to the outside of your home; and rotating your crops on a daily basis. The logic behind these solutions is simple: termites have many predators, and they like to feed on weak crops that are planted in the same spot each year. If you allow predators to do their jobs, and move your crops, you'll avoid termites. These methods often work better than some of the best termite chemical products on the market.

An abundance of chemical termite repellents can be easily purchased, though it's hard to determine what the best termite chemical is. While the differences between chemicals is insignificant, the application of termite chemicals is crucial. When applied incorrectly, termites often return to the site of original infestation. Even the best termite chemical products cannot prevent termites from returning to a poorly sprayed site.

When applied properly, termites tend to stay away from a home; precisely why most homeowners hire professional termite specialists. These experts can safely and properly apply chemical sprays that will get rid of termites for good. Whether you choose natural or chemical termite relief methods is up to you, but don't forget to pay attention to prevention tactics as well.


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