How Do I Choose the Best Telescopic Forklift?

Dan Cavallari

A telescopic forklift is a piece of heavy machinery designed to lift heavy objects. The arm of the lift telescopes, or extends in segments in a similar fashion to a telescope used for viewing far distances. Choosing the best telescopic forklift starts with determining how the machine will be used, for how long, at what heights, and on what terrain. If you will be renting the lift, you will need to do some research into several rental companies to find the best price, terms, and delivery costs. If you are purchasing, you will need to look into cost, warranty, and parts availability as well.

Telescopic forklifts are frequently used in warehouses.
Telescopic forklifts are frequently used in warehouses.

The size of the telescopic forklift will depend on several factors, including how much weight is likely to be loaded on the lift, and how high the loads must be lifted. A telescopic forklift may be used for transporting pallets in a warehouse, or it may be used for transporting raw materials into the back of a dump truck. Carefully consider how you will be using the lift on a regular basis to determine the right size. Moving materials into the back of pick-up trucks may require only a small to medium sized telescopic forklift, while lifting heavier materials up much higher to the lip of a dump truck will require a larger lift for stability and safety.

Consider what attachments are included with the telescopic forklift. A pallet attachment features two prongs that can be slipped within the pallet to lift and move it to another location. A bucket attachment will make transporting materials such as stone, sand, and gravel simple and effective. Other attachments are available for more specific purposes, so think about what attachments you will need and check whether they are available from the manufacturer.

Smaller telescopic forklifts may feature cushion tires, which are made of rubber all the way through. Pneumatic tires are likely to be featured on larger units made for use on varied terrain. Choosing the right tires is a matter of deciding where the lift is likely to be used most. If you will be using the lift in a warehouse with a concrete floor, cushion tires may be best for stability and durability. Pneumatic tires are a better choice for outdoor use where the lift is likely to be used over varied terrain, such as dirt, rock, concrete, asphalt, and so on. The pneumatic tires aid in traction and articulation.

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