How do I Choose the Best Teeth Whitening Pen?

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To choose the best teeth whitening pen, begin by considering whether the pen needs to be applied once or twice per day. Though it may be more convenient to only apply the whitening pen once per day, it may take longer if the whitening gel is only applied at night. Consider also the percentage of peroxide that is included in the pen; the higher the amount of peroxide, the quicker the whitening will take place.

Teeth whitening systems for use at home, including a teeth whitening pen, will all include a certain percentage of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide acts as the active ingredient, bleaching surface stains on teeth while not causing any damage to the enamel. A higher percentage of peroxide in the pen will help the whitening to take place faster, and will generally create more noticeable results than teeth whitening systems with lower concentrations of peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide can cause tooth and gum sensitivity, however. If the teeth whitening pen is causing sensitivity, it may be best to skip a day in between treatments, or to switch to a teeth whitening system with a lower concentration of peroxide. The tooth sensitivity is often only temporary, however, and will usually go away within a few days. Teeth whitening pens typically cause less sensitivity than sticky strips or trays for tooth whitening.


You may also choose a whitening pen based on the recommendation of your dentist, or by reading reviews online. Many people post reviews on websites that sell teeth whitening systems, and they may detail how well the treatment worked and if it caused tooth sensitivity. This can be a great way to find the top-rated ones. Otherwise, choosing the best teeth whitening pens is often a matter of trial and error until you find one that works well for you; it is best to avoid dark beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, or red wine while attempting to whiten the teeth.

Teeth whitening pens are convenient because they whiten between teeth, rather than just the surface of the teeth. This is especially convenient for people with orthodontia, who may find it difficult to use any other type of whitening system. It can be difficult to achieve big changes with a teeth whitening pen, so some people receive professional whitening from the dentist first and then maintain the results with the whitening pen.


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Post 3

I use a whitening teeth pen, but it doesn't whiten my teeth permanently.

Has anyone heard about toothpaste that temporarily whitens teeth? This is the same thing except it's in a pen form. It makes my teeth really white but only lasts for 4-5 hours depending on how much I eat or drink.

I think it works well. My teeth are not very stained but I do have some stains from smoking. I use the pen before going out on a date especially. It makes a difference for me, gives my teeth a nice shine and it looks a tone or two whiter in that time period.

I suppose it's better to use one that's permanent. But since I smoke, I feel like even the permanent ones won't last too long for me. So I'm going to keep using this temporary one.

Post 2

@feruze-- It might be the brand. I've been using one for the past two weeks and my teeth are at least one tone lighter. The pen I'm using has 16% hydrogen peroxide and it hasn't damaged my teeth or anything.

You probably have sensitive teeth so you might want to use a whitening pen which has 12% hydrogen peroxide or less. But then again, if the one you had, had this amount of hydrogen peroxide, a pen that has less probably will not whiten your teeth.

I'd recommend trying a different brand and you might want to spend more than you did last time. I mean, better quality generally means a higher cost. But even the most expensive whitening pen for teeth will still be much cheaper than a treatment at the dentist's office.

Post 1

I used a teeth whitening pen and it didn't work for me at all. I'm not sure what the percentage of hydrogen peroxide was but it did make my teeth really sensitive. I used it once a day for three weeks and there was little to no difference in my teeth. I couldn't have hot or cold drinks and foods for a couple of days afterward because my teeth hurt.

It might be that I had a bad brand, I had bought it online and it really wasn't expensive.

Has anyone gotten positive results with teeth whitening pens? I don't know if I should try a different brand or just go to my dentist. If I go to my dentist for a dental whitening treatment, it's going to be pretty expensive. And I'm trying to avoid spending a lot of money on this if possible.

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