How do I Choose the Best Teak Garden Bench?

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Finding the best teak garden bench for your specific outdoor needs means considering exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are a typical gardener or someone who thinks outside the box, looking for the best teak garden bench can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider in order to achieve garden seating perfection. The first and most important factor is style. The style of a teak garden bench is closely related to comfort and function, and these are the other two elements that also need to be considered prior to a purchase.

Both before and during the process in which you are considering the style of the bench that would be perfect for your garden space, it is also important to keep the function of the bench in mind. Decide just where it will be positioned in the garden and how it will be used. Some benches are positioned specifically for enjoying a section of the garden, while other benches are placed perfectly for looking the sunrise, sunset or other natural elements. Function will help you to narrow down just what types of styles you should consider in a teak garden bench for your outdoor area.


Next, consider the style and constructional elements you are looking for in your outdoor garden furniture. Teak garden benches are available in a variety of styles. Some benches have arm rests, and some do not. In fact, the typical teak garden bench has no backrests or armrests at all. This simple type of bench allows garden dwellers to sit from any angle. Such a bench makes finding the perfect spot to watch a sunset or gaze at a favorite flower an easy task.

After you think about function and style, it is important to consider the material and finish that you are looking for in a teak garden bench. Benches can be made from new or reclaimed woods, and a plethora of finishes are available. For a natural and eco-friendly look consider a reclaimed bench with a natural finish. The natural finish will allow the teak to age well, and there will be no need for waxing or varnishing. As the years pass, a natural teak garden bench is transformed into an elegant silver colored garden seating element that is sure to be the centerpiece of conversation in your outdoor home environment.


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You should look at construction as well. Teak has become expensive as a raw material. So large manufatcurers have started using *finger jointing* to achieve cost savings and use shorter pieces of wood. I would ask retailer whether there is any finger jointing. Best of luck. Teak will last. I have a bench that has lasted since my kids were imagined, about 20 years, and no problems.

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