How do I Choose the Best Teak Deck?

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Teak is a type of exotic wood that is very durable and requires little, if any, maintenance. This type of wood contains natural oils that retard water and keeps the wood from becoming brittle and cracking. The same oil also repels termites and other boring insects, meaning the deck won't become a home to wood eating bugs. When choosing the best teak deck to build, or have built for you, there are several things to take into consideration.

If you have an above ground pool, consider building your teak deck around it. Splash pool decks are perfect for above ground pools because they can wrap around it, hiding the sides and providing easier access to the water. This style of deck also provide a place to sunbathe or set out patio furniture. Teak is the perfect material for use as a pool deck because it won't warp when exposed to excessive amounts of water and it has a natural non-skid surface with barely any raised grain. Side pool decks are also available for people with limited space, or those who want to complete the deck in a weekend.


People who want to use a teak deck as a patio should consider the basic rectangular shape. This style of deck is ideal for a bungalow, duplex or apartment where yard space is limited. It can accommodate a small patio set, swing or barbecue. It is also the easiest to construct, making it perfect for people who are just learning how to build a teak deck.

An octagonal deck is the ideal style for people who like to host barbecues or relax in a hot tub. The large octagonal shape makes it easy to access the hot tub or patio table from all angles. As previously mentioned, teak wood is great for use around water as it is slip-resistant and won't warp with continuous exposure to water. An octagonal teak deck is only recommended for homes with a lot of land available, as they are rather large.

Teak is a very expensive wood, as it is imported from Indonesia and must be kiln-dried. Depending upon the size of the deck, the costs can add up very quickly. If you already have a deck but really like the golden color of teak, consider using teak tiles. You can have the same benefits of a teak deck, but at half the cost. Teak tiles can be applied to an existing wood deck or cement patio.


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