How do I Choose the Best Tea Tree Moisturizer?

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Tea tree moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that is often used to help control oil and fight acne. It is commonly used in the summer months when heavier moisturizers do not agree with the warm, humid weather. Choosing the best one means choosing a moisturizer that will meet one's personal needs and work well with one's skin type. Someone with sensitive skin, for example, should probably use a moisturizer with just a touch of tea tree oil. This is because the oil is a natural antiseptic and, when used in high doses in a moisturizer, may irritate sensitive skin.

For those who have very oily skin or skin that is prone to acne, tea tree moisturizer with a larger amount of tea tree oil may be useful to help control oil, heal pimples, and diminish the frequency or intensity of new breakouts. People with dry skin should probably not use this type of moisturizer, or should only use formulas that include just a touch of the essential oil.


The type of essential oil that is used in tea tree moisturizer is quite important for some people. There are organic tea tree essential oils and those that are created through processes that are not organic. In order to assess whether a product is organic, check the information on the package. In the United States, organic products should have the green and white "USDA Organic" seal which certifies that the product has been approved as an organic product by the United States Department of Agriculture.

In addition to tea tree moisturizer for the face, there are also a number of companies that sell tea tree moisturizer for the body. Although tea tree moisturizer for the face is not recommended for people with dry facial skin, there are a number of body lotions with tea tree oil that can be used on dry skin. For severely dry skin, balms and emollients without tea tree oil may be best. However, for normal skin or moderately dry skin, body moisturizer made with tea tree oil may help to keep the skin hydrated, healthy, and glowing.

Moisturizer for the face is often more expensive per volume unit than moisturizer for the body. However, both types of moisturizer range in price depending on the ingredients that are used, the amount of essential oil that are included in the formula, and the brand that manufactures the product.


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Post 2

I ordered a zinc lotion with tea tree for my skin. I had tried treatments with me dermatologist but was not getting the results I wanted. And, it was getting expensive! I was worried about my skin drying out even though the zinc tea tree lotion was not as drying as straight tea tree oil.

I called the manufacturer and asked if it would be safe to mix the zinc tea tree lotion with my own moisturizing lotion. They told me it should be just fine to combine the products. I generally only use the lotion with zinc and tea tree oil for a few days at a time. This helps my skin and I never get too dry.

Post 1

For a great combination product, I use Paul Mitchell tea tree hair and body moisturizer. I’ve been a tea tree oil convert since I first discovered how well it worked as a spot treatment for my breakouts. The tea tree hair and body moisturizer is always in my shower now.

It is great for hair and skin. You can also use it as a shaving lotion for men or women. I get a really close shave this way. My skin feels more moisturized after using this. My scalp is very healthy now, too.

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