How Do I Choose the Best Tape for Wrinkles?

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Facial wrinkle tape is tape that is applied to the skin on the face to help reduce to the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin. The two main types of tape for wrinkles are infomercial tape and spa tape, though the tape can also be purchased in some grocery stores. Tape for wrinkles is a temporary solution to the appearance of wrinkles, and you should not expect to completely erase their visibility.

Infomercial wrinkle tape can come in kits, and they can include the tape, adhesive pads, and anchors to be set behind the ears. The anchors are used as a mechanical device to literally pull back the skin and hold it in place in conjunction with the use of tape and adhesive pads. Infomercial tape can be the most visible on the market, but it's also the most controversial. The tapes available through infomercials may not be of the best quality, and can leave a lot to be desired regarding results. Another common customer complaint is that they may also cause more discomfort than is necessary.


Spa facial wrinkle tape has much better results to offer if you're willing to spend the necessary money on it. During spa taping, your face will be cleaned with a special product, then taped back while you are lying down. Problem areas for sagging skin, such as the jawline, cheeks, and brow areas, as well as individual wrinkles, are targeted and taped back against the face to make the skin appear more youthful. The tape can be taken off and reapplied up to three times. These sessions can take place weekly.

The results that you experience after applying facial tape for wrinkles can vary greatly depending on the products that you use and the techniques that you apply. Infomercial facial tape can yield results that can be visibly inferior to facial tape that is used in spas. Since spas can use different tapes, it might be in your best interest to try a taping. If you're satisfied with the result, ask your spa workers what sort of tape they use, and acquire it to use at home. Tape that can be bought in the beauty aisles of grocery stores can also have results that are comparable to infomercial tape.

It's important to note that facial tape for wrinkles is a temporary fix for the problem of sagging skin. Even the best tape is no match for aged skin with severe elasticity problems. If you choose to use tape for wrinkles, be aware that you will have to regularly apply the tape to keep up appearances.


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Wrinkle tape can also cause additional skin problems, like red, irritated skin and allergic reactions. It is definitely not the best choice for people who are serious about getting rid of their wrinkles.

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I had a friend who use to use wrinkle tape, and she soon found out that it was not worth the money she spent on it. If you want to reduce your wrinkles, skip the tape and get a good wrinkle cream instead.

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