How Do I Choose the Best Tampon Machine?

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Excelling at customer service is often a goal of every business in the marketplace. While companies may focus on products, distribution, and handling complaints as most important, meeting personal needs is also a part of customer service. Installing a tampon machine in employee or customer restrooms can be a simple yet overlooked part of customer service. Choosing the best tampon machine involves a few different activities, just like any other business decision. The most important ones include consulting women on the tampon machine, researching the current machines offered, and deciding whether or not to offer multiple tampons and assess charges for those dispensed.

Men should not always be the sole decision makers in a company. Executive teams made up of male majorities should not be held solely responsible for making this kind of decision. Women can bring in particular insight to decision-making processes of all types. Selecting a tampon machine, however, is certainly one decision on which to consult female employees at all levels. Companies should leverage their female workforce in order to determine the types of tampons to offer and which machines may be best suited for locating in the company’s restrooms. It may also be helpful for women to discuss the issue first and bring it to a management meeting.


Many types of tampon machines are available on the market, often through multiple vendors, both third party and direct from tampon manufacturers. A few of the different types include built-in models or those attached externally to a wall. Selecting a built-in model is a decision necessary when constructing a new building; these units go directly into the wall and may be steel in construction. A plastic tampon machine can often attach to a wall using screws or other fasteners, making the machine a better choice for existing restrooms. The durability and security measures of each machine should also be a consideration.

A tampon machine can typically dispense multiple types of tampons. The purpose here is to offer different choices based on user preference or need as women may be affected differently at different times. Companies often need to select a machine that has multiple slots for offering the brands or types of tampons women prefer. Charging a small fee for the use of tampons is also another important decision. While making money from individuals in a personal situation may not be preferable, tampons are not free to the company.


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