How Do I Choose the Best Tampon Holder?

Lainie Petersen

Choosing a tampon holder depends in part on the type of tampon that you normally use, the size and type of purse that you normally carry, as well as your general lifestyle habits. Other considerations may include cost and the number of tampons that you normally want to carry with you. A good holder will hold tampons securely so as to not allow jostling or other items in your purse to puncture or rip the protective wrapping around the tampon. Ideally, the tampon holder should also protect the tampon against moisture as well. Finally, the holder should discreetly conceal the tampons so that if you need to rifle through your purse in public you won't be concerned about pulling the tampons from your purse while you search for another item.

Tampon holders can typically hold more than one tampon.
Tampon holders can typically hold more than one tampon.

When you begin your search for a tampon holder, have a few tampons as your preferred size and brand available so that you can check to ensure that the holder is large enough to accommodate your tampons. In some cases, you may be able to find a tampon holder that also has room for pads or panty liners, which can be extremely useful if you use both products. If you generally have a heavy menstrual flow, you may want to look for a holder that can accommodate several tampons at once.

A good tampon holder may also have room for panty liners.
A good tampon holder may also have room for panty liners.

Depending on your personal preferences, you may wish to purchase a tampon holder in a color or pattern that you find attractive or that matches the purse that you normally carry. If you are in an area that gets a lot of rain or high humidity, you may also wish to select a holder that is made from a waterproof or water-resistant material and that you can seal tightly with a zipper. While room for the number of tampons you wish to carry is great, the holder should also offer a snug fit to prevent the tampons from moving around and becoming damaged. Incidentally, if you sometimes need to switch out your normal purse for a tiny clutch at night, you may need an additional, smaller tampon holder suitable for that bag.

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In some instances, a separate tampon holder may not be your best option for safely storing and carrying your tampons. If you normally carry the same purse every day and your purse has interior or exterior zipper pockets, you may find that your tampons fit nicely into these sections. If you are a runner or power walker who prefers to not carry a purse while exercising, try packing an applicator-free tampon or two in a wrist pouch.

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A power walker or runner with any common sense would change her tampon before she goes out and not worry about carrying one with her.

Most women I know -- including me -- carry extras in cosmetic bags. They are cheap, opaque, small and zip up for security. I don't know many women who don't have at least one little bag lying around that she got as a free gift with makeup or something similar. These are almost always large enough for a couple of tampons and a pantyliner and fit into a purse or desk drawer with ease. They’re also good for a couple of aspirin or any other OTC medication that might come in handy during the day.

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