How do I Choose the Best Tailbone Pillow?

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The best tailbone pillow is the one that eases the majority of your pain while providing a comfortable seat that can be used for extended periods. This comfort level, however, tends to vary considerably based on the shape, materials used, and general design of the pad. Other factors such as how often you plan to travel and the price you are willing to pay can also help you decide on the best pillow for your needs.

For some, the best pillows are those with a doughnut shape or a hole in the middle of the cushion. These pillows might be recommended for individuals who have a bruised or broken tailbone because the design reduces pressure in this region and evenly distributes body weight when sitting. Another shape that is preferred by many with coccyx pain is the slanted design. The wedge-shaped pillow helps align the spine and tilts the pelvis slightly forward to reduce pain in the tailbone and provide back support. One with a cut-out in the back may remove all sources of pressure from the tailbone and can be used to avoid numbness during extended sitting.


When the pad compresses too much, the foam could be uncomfortable to sit on and flatten out. This is normally the result of picking a pillow with an inadequate weight-bearing capacity. To get the ideal cushion for you, check the weight-bearing load before buying. Some cushions are designed specifically for overweight and obese individuals and can sufficiently hold weights of 300 lbs (136 kg) or greater without flattening out.

A variety of different foam materials may be used to make tailbone pillows, but memory foam designs are usually the most popular. This type of pillow is heat-sensitive, and within a few minutes of sitting, the material will interact with body heat to mold to the user's body for a customized fit. These cushions are frequently sold in high, low, or standard densities. High-density foam is commonly considered to be more durable, better supportive, and breathes better to stay cooler. You can generally check the quality of a memory foam cushion in the store by sitting on it or pressing down with your hand; if the foam is slow to recover, the cushion is likely of better quality.

Ease of use is another important factor to consider when looking for the best cushion. There are some pillows made with faux leather that can be wiped down after use. Others feature covers that are unzipped and thrown in the washing machine. In general, cushions are found in a range of different dimensions from small to large. Smaller cushions may be best suited to sitting in the car, while a larger cushion might be ideal for use in desk chairs, wheelchairs, or other seats within the home.

To get relief from pain in a variety of situations, you will likely want a travel-friendly tailbone pillow. Cushions that include a strap are easy to carry from one location to another. Inflatable cushions are lightweight and contain a layer of air that is adjustable for proper firmness or may be deflated for storage.

Finding the best pillow for you might come down to where you choose to make your selection. By purchasing your pillow in a store, you can often see, touch, and sometimes even sit on the cushion to test them out. On the other hand, buying online usually offers the greatest selection of cushions to choose from. The range of prices available online might also be more suitable for those looking to save money.


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The Kabooti cushion by Contour Living is the best coccyx cushion I have found - it has a donut hole cutout in center and a large coccyx cutout in back. Plus it's wedge shaped!

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