How Do I Choose the Best Synthetic Hair for Weaving?

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There are several things to consider when choosing synthetic hair for weaving. Unlike human hair, synthetic hair extensions are affordable and can be easier to use in weaving. Synthetic hair can be found in multiple colors, so it's simpler to choose synthetic hair that will match the color and tone of your real hair.

When synthetic hair for weaving is used for creating braids, there are more options available. Braiding allows the user to hide minor flaws that might be found in less-expensive synthetics. Heat tools typically aren't used on braided hair, so cheaper synthetics can be used. Look for an inexpensive synthetic that matches the current hair color, and make sure that the ends can be sealed. Synthetic hair will melt, so it's actually easier to seal the ends of the braids, which results in longer-lasting braids.

Heat-safe synthetic hair is available for people who would rather change the style from day to day. Cheap synthetics will melt and become damaged when heat tools are used. There are several brands of synthetic hair for weaving that are designed to be safe with heat, but this doesn't mean a very hot curling iron or flat iron can be used daily.


A heat-safe hair extension has a coating that will protect the hair from some heat. In most cases, the hair can withstand tools that have a low or cool setting, which will allow the user to get the style he or she wants without damaging or stressing the actual hair extension. This type of hair will cost more than synthetics that aren't designed to be safe for use with styling tools, but it's still more affordable than human hair extensions.

Synthetic hair for weaving is also available in different styles. Curly hair can be used if the user would rather have curls without dealing with the daily maintenance. Hair with a slight wave, straight hair and hair with super-tight curls can all be found. If the style that the user is going for requires a mix of different types, this is possible.

When choosing the best synthetic hair for a weave, it's important to keep all of these things in mind. Many hair weaving salons will allow the customers to bring in their own hair to use, but others prefer that the hair is purchased at the salon. If a customer is choosing his or her own hair to bring in, he or she should first consult with the stylist to get suggestions on the type, color, and brand of hair. This will ensure the best look possible.


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