How Do I Choose the Best Synthetic Hair for Braiding?

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Choosing the best synthetic hair for braiding is mostly about picking the right color and a good-quality extension. Color is an important aspect of a hair extension, and matching hair color is usually done by a skilled stylist. Finding a high-quality synthetic extension involves purchasing from a reputable brand, but you can also ask other people what their experience was with a certain brand of synthetic hair.

The most important part of choosing synthetic hair is finding the right color. You can match the hair to your own hair color or find a color that complements it. Whatever your choice, it is usually best to make the decision in person. The photographs of synthetic hair online can be misleading; the shop might not show the exact product, or your monitor color settings may be off. Once you choose synthetic hair extensions in person, however, you can usually write down the name and then search for that product online.


There are various kinds of quality found in synthetic hair for braiding. In general, synthetic hair does not blend as well as human hair extensions, nor does it have the same sheen. Manufacturers continually make better synthetic hair products, though, so it is possible to find hair for braiding that does not look synthetic to the untrained eye. Some synthetic extensions are mixed with real hair, but this kind of extension is usually not the best. Synthetic hair and human hair extensions require different methods of upkeep, which complicates putting the two together.

The cost of synthetic hair for braiding varies considerably. Cheap, low-quality bags of synthetic hair can usually be found for the price of a candy bar or two. These extensions do not feel like human hair, but they are generally good for one-night costume wigs. High-quality synthetic hair costs much more, but last for months and can sometimes withstand heat styling.

One of the best ways to find the best synthetic hair for braiding is asking qualified professionals. Hair stylists and beauty supply store employees are often knowledgeable in this area. Ask them what they recommend for your hair color and financial budget. Some hair stylists even keep synthetic hair on hand rather than ordering it on an as-needed basis. Therefore, in some cases, there is little to no wait time between deciding on a color and getting hair extensions.


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