How do I Choose the Best Swimming Pool Slides?

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Choosing the best swimming pool slides will depend a great deal on the type of pool you have and the kind of slide you are interested in using. You should typically consider safety first whenever choosing a swimming pool slide, and this is a purchase on which you do not want to try to save money by cutting corners. There are different swimming pool slides made for above-ground pools and in-ground pools. You can then decide if you want a standard slide that is straight, a spiral slide, a slide that fits into the surroundings, or even an inflatable pool slide.

There is a fairly wide array of different swimming pool slides available for purchase and use, so you should consider your options before choosing one. Whether you have an above-ground pool or a pool that is built into the ground will make a difference and you can quickly eliminate a good number of slides simply based on this one criterion. Whatever type of slide you choose, you should be sure it is sturdy and bolted to concrete, made from durable materials, and includes high sides to ensure safety while going down the slide. You should then consider different swimming pool slides based on the shape you would prefer, how well it fits into the surrounding details of your pool and property, and other features in which you are interested.


Swimming pool slides can come in a number of different shapes, though the most common are straight slides or those with one or more turns in them. A straight slide is usually a bit easier to go down and may cost less money, but it may not satisfy the desires of everyone using it. Turning slides are often a bit more exciting and while they may not be the best choice for younger children, they may be preferred by adults. These types of slides will often consist of a number of different turns similar to a spiral staircase and will often be a bit more expensive.

You should also consider swimming pool slides with other features and those that can fit best with your pool and yard. Some slides are designed to look like rocks, with the steps up the slide and the slide itself somewhat concealed within the rock surface. These can fit in well with a pool that has other rock features, and may be somewhat more attractive. Some slides feature a water pump that pulls water up from the pool and then pours the water down the slide for easier sliding. There are also swimming pool slides that are inflatable; though somewhat less resistant to wear and tear, these slides can more easily be put away during bad weather and are not permanent fixtures.


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