How Do I Choose the Best Sunscreen for Rosacea?

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When choosing a sunscreen for rosacea, it is very important to take into consideration the condition of your skin, a sunscreen’s ingredients, and the amount of sun protection offered by the sunscreen. Other considerations include lifestyle and cosmetic preferences as well as the cost of the sunscreen product or products that you choose. If your rosacea is severe or you have difficulty finding a sunscreen that works for you, you should speak to your dermatologist for assistance in choosing appropriate sun protection.

Rosacea is a skin condition that can cause redness and inflammation of the skin. For many people, rosacea symptoms can be triggered or aggravated by sun exposure. In addition, facial skin is quite vulnerable to sun damage, so sun protection can be important in preventing premature aging of the skin as well as painful sunburn.

Unfortunately, some sunscreen ingredients can aggravate rosacea, as people with the condition often have very sensitive skin. Some experts advise choosing a sunscreen that does not contain so-called chemical sun protection, but instead relies on physical sunblocks such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide. In addition, you should ensure that the sunscreen has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.


You may wish to test a sunscreen by obtaining a sample or purchasing a small trial size before investing in a large quantity of product. If you find that the sunscreen irritates your skin or triggers rosacea symptoms, select a different sunscreen for rosacea. Some companies may sell sunscreens developed for sensitive skin. Although this is not a guarantee that the sunscreen will work for you, such products typically do not include common allergy and rosacea triggers.

Another thing to consider when choosing a sunscreen for rosacea is whether you want a sunscreen that incorporates a foundation or moisturizer. If selecting a moisturizer that includes a sunblock in its formula, choose one that is unscented, as fragrances often irritate skin. If selecting a tinted moisturizer or foundation that offers sun protection, you may wish to select a color with a yellow base, as this can help camouflage redness.

Finally, you may wish to not rely entirely on sunscreen for rosacea in your attempts to minimize or prevent flare-ups. It may be wise to avoid the sun as much as possible during flare-ups and to wear a hat with a wide brim while outdoors on particularly sunny days. Heat can also contribute to rosacea symptoms, so remaining in a cool environment on hot days may also be a good rosacea management strategy.


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Post 3

@fify-- I actually use a baby sunscreen. It's the only sunscreen that hasn't caused my rosacea to flare up. This might sound weird but sometimes I also use baby rash cream under sunscreen because it has zinc oxide in it. So it's extra protection.

If your skin flares up with sunscreen use, it might just be the sun and not the product. So make sure to wear a hat, glasses and long clothes.

Post 2

fify-- It's hard to say a specific brand of rosacea sunscreen because everyone is different. You will have to try some products to see if your skin can handle it or not. I know it's a waste of money sometimes but we've all been through it.

You should try sunscreens that are labeled hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin. Read ingredients' lists to make sure it has zinc oxide in it. If you have an organic store nearby, you can find organic, mineral sunscreens there. I'm sure that one of these are bound to work for you.

Post 1

I've recently developed acne and rosacea and I can't use my regular sunscreen because it irritates my skin. Is it possible to find sunscreen that won't irritate rosacea at the pharmacy? I wish I could try samples but it's almost impossible to find any.

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