How do I Choose the Best Sunroom Plans?

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The best sunroom plans will depend entirely on the house in which the sunroom will be added, the preferences of the homeowner, and the budget allotted to the project. Sunroom plans run the gamut from very large and complex to small and simple, so the first step toward determining the best sunroom plans is to determine what kind of sunroom you want to add to your home. If space is an issue, a smaller, simpler sunroom may be in order; of cost is a problem, a smaller room might be the best choice. If, however, creating a large, livable space is the plan, and cost is no consideration, the sunroom plans will vary significantly.

The best way to go about choosing the best sunroom plans is to determine the size of sunroom you want right off the bat. Take measurements, then do some internet research to see examples of what you might like. Talk to a local contractor, or even a local hardware store manager, to get more ideas. Home improvement magazines often have tips for adding sunrooms, as well. Do as much research as possible to find elements of established sunrooms that you might like to see in yours.


The purpose of a sunroom is, of course, to let in as much sun as possible. This means you will have to determine which side of your house gets the most sun throughout the day. This will also dictate what sunroom plans you choose, as that side of the house may not have as much space as you might like. Once that consideration has been made, it's time to think about what you want your sunroom to look like. Are the floors tiled? Are they wood? Will there be seating in the sunroom? How about an indoor garden? What views are important to you? Will the sunroom contain a door that opens up to the outside? Will the windows open, or will they remained closed? Envision what you want the final product to look like, and imagine how it should feel. Then, do some research to find examples of what you imagine.

Once you have determined what your room will look like and feel like, it's time to consider materials. Professional installation services are available that can install aluminum sunrooms or vinyl ones. Vinyl tends to be more durable, but it also tends to be more expensive. The windows themselves will also need some consideration. Double-paned windows can get pricey, so the more windows you have, the more expensive the project will get. Think, too, about windows overhead, where light is most likely to come into the room.


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