How do I Choose the Best Summer Maternity Clothes?

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Summer maternity clothes should fit well, allow room for extra growth, and be made from a breathable, non-clingy fabric like cotton. Sleeveless tank tops and dresses, cap-sleeved shirts, and shorts or capri pants all work well for summer maternity wear. A light cotton cardigan is a useful addition to a summer maternity wardrobe as well, because it can be layered over the other pieces and removed as needed.

Like all maternity wear, summer maternity clothes should fit well and allow for easy movement. Maternity clothing that does not fit well can chafe and cause a rash if worn in high temperatures. Non-binding rollover waistbands and drawstrings allow the wearer to adjust individual pieces for a perfect fit and are good choices for summer maternity clothes. An expectant mother should try on items before purchasing to check for comfort and fit, and choose garments based on her pre-pregnancy size.

Some of the most comfortable fabrics for summer maternity clothes include woven cotton, cotton T-shirt knits, and linen. Yoga pants and shorts designed for maternity wear are good choices for summertime, and can be paired with a sleeveless or short-sleeved top made from lightweight cotton for everyday wear. Dresses made from rayon, cotton, or linen provide coverage without extra warmth, and make great summer maternity clothes for most expectant mothers.


Bathing suits and coverups are both essential summer maternity clothes; swimming is great exercise for pregnant women, since it is low impact and doesn't add stress to the back or joints. Bathing suits should be chosen based on the size worn before pregnancy, and there are many styles and colors to choose from. A tankini-style bathing suit with separate top and bottom is the easiest type to adjust for fit and to accommodate an expanding belly. A maternity bathing suit coverup is useful for the pool or beach, and provides added coverage and sun protection.

Summer maternity clothes should be lightweight enough to be layered. Even though it may be hot outside, many expectant mothers either work indoors or spend time inside air-conditioned homes. Choosing summer maternity clothes that coordinate with each other and including a few simple cardigans or lightweight jackets allow the wearer to be comfortable in any setting. A lightweight shawl or poncho will fit any size and accommodate a growing belly, and it's easy to slip on and off, making it a good addition to the summer maternity wardrobe.


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I have had 5 kids, all of them in Arizona, so I know a thing or two about what clothes work and don't work when you're pregnant in the summer.

For me the best summer maternity dresses are light and loose sun dresses, basically something that just drapes over your body. They don't have to be unflattering, they just have to be loose. Between the heat, and the sun and the baby growing inside of you you don't need any extra discomfort.

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