How Do I Choose the Best Sugar-Free Candy?

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When choosing sugar-free candy, you should consider your reasons for consuming a sugar-free product, your taste preferences, and the cost of the candy. You should also pay close attention to the sugar substitute used in the candy, as some people are sensitive to different types of imitation sugar. Some people choose sugar-free candies because of a blood sugar issue, such as diabetes, or because they are attempting to lose weight. Both of these factors should affect your purchase of candy, because sugar-free does not necessarily equate to a product that is low in calories or carbohydrates. Sugar-free candy can vary in palatability, so you may wish to sample different brands and types before purchasing a large quantity of a specific type.


While many people associate sugar-free products with weight-loss diets, not all types of sugar-free candy are necessarily suitable for specific diet plans. For example, if you are looking to cut calories in your diet, you should be aware that some types of sugar-free candy, particularly those containing chocolate or cream fillings, may in fact not be low-calorie. If you are trying to cut carbohydrates because you are on a low-carb diet plan, you should also be aware that the absence of sugar does not mean that the candy does not contain other forms of carbohydrates, such as starch. Before purchasing sugar-free candy, read the ingredients label as well as the nutritional information panel to find out whether the candy is an acceptable addition to your diet.

Another concern when consuming sugar-free products is determining which sweeteners are used in the product's formulation. Some sweeteners are known to have a bitter and disagreeable aftertaste. Other sweeteners, such as sugar alcohols, may taste better but can also cause intestinal distress. Consumers of sugar-free products also report having adverse reactions, such as headaches, to certain sweeteners. If you are concerned about whether you should be using a specific type of sweetener, talk to your doctor and be cautious when trying out sugar-free candy that contains an unfamiliar sweetener.

In all cases, you should choose sugar-free candy that actually tastes good to you. Sometimes you can buy small or even sample sizes of sugar-free candy so that you can try out the product before making a larger purchase. You may also want to ask friends and acquaintances who are on similar dietary restrictions to recommend their favorite candy brands. The availability of some brands of sugar-free candy may be limited, so you may wish to investigate online sources in addition to making your candy purchases at local stores.


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