How Do I Choose the Best Sugar Exfoliator?

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The best sugar exfoliator uses raw, organic sugar cane as a base ingredient, combined with natural oils and minerals. This type of product is designed to rejuvenate skin by removing dirt and grime from the surface while improving the appearance of pores. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it an ideal treatment for mild skin rashes and irritations that leave red, itchy patches that cause discomfort. Individuals who are sensitive to fragrance should avoid purchasing products that contain additional perfume and fragrance oils. This product is easy to use, and can be lathered onto skin and scrubbed in vigorously during a bath or shower.

A sugar exfoliator uses glycolic acid, a naturally occurring chemical found in sugar cane, to scrub excess dirt and dead skin cells from the body. It also naturally reduces the appearance of pores and improves skin's elasticity — a quality which tends to fade with age. The sugar used as the base in the exfoliator should be both organic and raw. This type of cane produces a large exfoliating crystal that is non-abrasive and nourishing to the skin. Smaller crystals can tear at and damage more sensitive skin, and occasionally causes allergic reactions if the scrubbing crystals begin to clog pores.


A good sugar exfoliator will also contain additional moisturizing minerals and oils. Ingredients, such as almond oil and jojoba oil, can soften skin following the scrubbing process, and prevent it from drying out. Almond oil is recommended by some dermatologists to combat the inflammation and itching sensation associated with overly dry skin. Jojoba oil will not evaporate from the surface of the skin like water based moisturizers, and creates a protective barrier that locks moisture into skin cells and promotes healing simultaneously. Other common exfoliator additives include green tea extract, safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, and natural fruit extracts.

This type of product is generally recommended as a topical treatment designed to improve the appearance of skin and soothe irritated, dry patches that may have become damaged from a skin condition or overexposure to the sun. Those individuals with allergies to fragrance may benefit from purchasing a sugar exfoliator that is free from dyes and perfumes. Most product labels will include perfume in the list of ingredients to help consumers avoid purchasing items that can harm them. The raw sugars, almond oils, and jojoba oils found in some scrubs are naturally anti-inflammatory and have no fragrance.


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