How Do I Choose the Best Substitute for Cottage Cheese?

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Cottage cheese is often used in Italian recipes such as ravioli and lasagna as a creamy filling, and is also used in various desserts and beverages. A substitute for cottage cheese is quite easy to come by in many grocery stores, and may even be readily available in any kitchen. Pureed cream cheese or thick Greek yogurt are popular substitutes used in many recipes calling for cottage cheese, as they don't sacrifice flavor or texture in most dishes. Ricotta cheese is often used instead of cottage cheese, and is a great filling for ravioli, cannoli and other Italian desserts.

One of the most popular substitutes for cottage cheese is strained yogurt, often called Greek yogurt, which mimics the thick texture and taste of regular cottage cheese. Greek yogurt is often blended with a small amount of water to create the creamy texture of pureed cottage cheese. Another popular substitute for cottage cheese is pureed cream cheese, which is somewhat thicker than cottage cheese, yet tastes similar and does not compromise flavor or overall texture in recipes. Cream cheese is also blended with a small amount of water to help create the same consistency of cottage cheese.


Since cottage cheese contains small curds, another popular substitute for cottage cheese is to use a mixture of heavy cream combined with small crumbles of feta cheese. This mixture mimics the texture of cottage cheese and provides a rich, more pronounced flavor to the entire dish. A feta and heavy cream mixture might not be the best substitute for dessert recipes calling for cottage cheese, as feta cheese is often more savory rather than neutral in flavor. Whipped heavy cream that has been thoroughly chilled may also replace pureed cottage cheese in some recipes, and will provide a light and airy consistency to the recipe.

Ricotta cheese may be the best substitute for cottage cheese, as it is often used in Italian recipes like ravioli and lasagna, as well as desserts like cannoli. In most recipes, ricotta cheese does not have to be blended with water and can be replaced one for one for traditional cottage cheese. Greek yogurt and ricotta cheese are slightly similar in taste and texture, yet ricotta is often thicker due to its high volume of dietary fat. For this reason, a recipe using ricotta in place of cottage cheese will produce a dish that is richer in taste.


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Post 3

I'm not a fan of cottage cheese and I never buy it. But sometimes a recipe calls for cottage cheese and I can't just leave it out. So I use a combination of cream cheese and sour cream as a substitute. It works perfectly well!

I made a lasagna last week with cream cheese and sour cream in place of cottage cheese and it turned out delicious. The important part is not overdoing the sour cream. I usually just put a couple of spoonfuls, to make the cream cheese less thick.

Post 2
@ysmina-- Have you tried paneer as a substitute?

Indian paneer is similar to cottage cheese, it's just drier. It is made by boiling milk and then adding some lime juice or vinegar to separate the curd and water. Then, the curd is strained into a cheese cloth and left under something heavy for a while to make it firm. You can then cut it up like tofu cubes and use in dishes.

If you want to use paneer as a substitute for cottage cheese, skip the last step to make the cheese more crumbly. You can add a spoon of yogurt to give it a cottage cheese consistency.

If you don't want to make it, you can also get paneer from Indian grocery stores.

Post 1

I tried Greek yogurt as a substitute for cottage cheese but I wasn't too happy with the results. I don't think Greek yogurt works well, the water in the yogurt separates while cooking and the flavor becomes odd.

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