How Do I Choose the Best Stroke Specialist?

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To choose the best stroke specialist, do extensive research. Try to learn which local hospitals have the best staff of stroke neurologists with the most experience treating recovering stroke patients. It's also important to choose a stroke specialist who is board certified. You can ask your general practitioner for recommendations of a stroke specialist as well.

If the patient is recovering from a stroke at home, finding a stroke neurologist who provides in-home care would be most convenient. This might take some extensive research, however, as it's an uncommon practice for specialists to make house calls. If you can locate a qualified specialist who treats patients in the home, it might be worth the extra expense for his services. Don't forget to inquire about payment options and whether your insurance plan will be accepted.

The National Stroke Association may be able to provide information regarding stroke care to United States residents. A local chapter may also be found in your area. This organization may also provide information that can help you better understand stroke care. Other stroke foundations exist globally, and can provide excellent resources for patient care.


An Internet search can also help you find a stroke specialist in your area. Some websites provide a free service of locating physicians and specialists in all fields of medicine. Finding a stroke neurologist could be as easy as providing your name, city, and state. It might not be your method of choice in finding a top stroke care specialist, but it could be worth considering.

Choosing a specialist who practices alone is not your only option. If you would prefer to find a team of neurologists, choosing a stroke treatment center might be your best option. This way, two or more stroke specialists may confer on your case to provide the best treatment options and care. If a second opinion is warranted, there will be no need to look further. In many cases, these treatment centers also are equipped with rehabilitation facilities for physical therapy necessary for recovery.

When compiling your list of stroke care specialists to consider, check for ratings from colleagues and patients. Word of mouth can also help you choose a qualified stroke specialist. If other patients are satisfied, chances are you will be also. While you check for ratings and reviews, try to determine which specialists have written publications relating to stroke care, which may indicate he is regarded as an expert among his peers.


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