How do I Choose the Best String Curtains?

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Choosing the best string curtains is largely a matter of personal preference, though there are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing these types of curtains, which are most often used in doorways to create the illusion of additional privacy, or over top of more traditional window curtains to add to the decor of a room. String curtains are typically made of wooden or plastic beads and sold in sets of about a dozen, so you may need to purchase a few sets if you want the curtain to appear more dense across a doorway. In addition, consider the ease of cleaning the curtains, since they are going to get dusty and will typically need to be individually washed or wiped down.

One of the main considerations when purchasing string curtains is the noise they will make. This is not as much of an issue if they'll be placed in a window, but if they will be in a doorway, consider if other members of the household will be disturbed when you walk in and out of the door, or if you'll be waking other people up at night. Plastic beads tend to be the noisiest, so you may want to choose wooden beads which may not make as much noise.


On the other hand, plastic beads tend to be easier to clean, and are available in a wider range of colors and shapes. These types of string curtains are most popular for kids' or teenagers' rooms, because they can match the decor to the rest of their room. Some string curtains are also available in glow in the dark varieties, which are especially popular for kids. String curtains made with wooden beads may be found in a more neutral palette and may be used by older teens or people who just want to change the look of a room.

String curtains may also be used as a room divider. In addition, not all string curtains are made of beads; some are simply strings of fabric grouped together to look like one continuous curtain. These can also give a unique, modern, and stylish look to a room, but can be quite difficult to clean since they are often too delicate for a washing machine and must be hand washed. Some people choose to make their own set of curtains, using either fabric or beads depending on taste.


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