How Do I Choose the Best Strategic Training Plan?

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The best strategic training plan is developed with the ultimate goals of the organization in mind. For this reason, the most effective plan will typically be created after this strategy has been well defined. Then it must be determined which staff need additional training in order to execute the strategy. Once it is clear what kind of training is needed, a plan can be developed.

One of the first tasks of creating a strategic training plan is to determine which tasks require additional training of employees. Some tasks may be accomplished by other means such as mentoring, staffing changes, and adjustments to organizational structure. This process can reduce the possibility of pursuing training that wastes resources and does not ultimately strengthen the organization.

While making a strategic training plan, most organizations will also need to consider financial restrictions. It may be useful to prioritize training needs in order to determine which issues need the most attention. Then it can be decided which kinds of training are necessary in the short-term and what issues can be addressed at a different time.

Once it has been decided which issues will be a part of the strategic training plan, it must be decided how each element will be pursued. This can include researching programs, determining a budget for training, and creating benchmarks and deadlines for progress. Then a schedule can be created which outlines when each kind of training will be completed and by which employees.


Creating a strategic training plan also includes evaluating the pros and cons of each training opportunity. It is advisable to analyze each program for content, structure, and effectiveness towards reaching the specific goal. Some programs contain overlapping content, so it may also be helpful to determine if training needs can be streamlined by meeting multiple objectives in a single course. It can also be useful to consider how different training opportunities intersect and whether changing the order in which they are pursued can increase their effectiveness.

Once the strategic training plan has been developed, it can be useful to periodically evaluate it for its effectiveness in advancing the organization towards the accomplishment of its goals. This can be done after each training effort in order to determine if the program has achieved its objectives and whether further training is necessary. Regular review of all training efforts can provide a more comprehensive picture of what progress, if any is being made towards organizational goals.


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