How do I Choose the Best Stock Market Software?

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Stock market software is available for virtually every aspect of analyzing and investing. Competitive software programs offer diverse and unique features designed to enhance trading decisions. Online discount stock brokers offer high quality programs as an incentive to attract new clients. Online vendors provide sophisticated systems that complement every trading strategy. Choosing the best stock market software involves purpose, cost, reliability, and ease of use.

The primary consideration when choosing stock market software is the purpose. Investors choose software programs to perform a specific task which is often related to their style of trading. Stock market analysis can be fundamental or technical in nature. Fundamental programs rate and search the market for a variety of essential factors such as earnings, market capitalization, and dividend growth. These are just a few examples in the universe of fundamental valuations.

Proprietary formulas are used by some programs to sort stocks according to user defined variables. Major categories, such as growth stocks or income stocks, can be analyzed according to sector or industry. Mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) can be evaluated on past performance or anticipated future results. The scope of stock related sorting and analyzing functions are virtually endless.


Fundamental analysis software is provided in the form of financial news reports and economic calendars. Corporate earnings reports and company related financial events are tracked and reported in a timely fashion. Analyst upgrades and downgrades along with commentary and opinion can be delivered as it happens.

Technical analysis software is available in the form of charting programs. This type of stock market software provides the investor a means to perform market analysis using price charts and technical analysis tools. Charts and tools are configured in different formats to accommodate the individual preferences of the trader. The historical price performance of any security can be charted in order to predict future price movements.

The cost of these stock market software programs varies widely. Online brokers offer many technical and fundamental programs that cover a variety of needs. Investors should evaluate the services offered by brokers to ensure the software offered fits the style of trading. Most broker provided software is free with an active trading account. Many financial Websites provide free basic software and charge additional fees for advanced versions. Some programs are very expensive and provide specific or proprietary services that are not available in less expensive programs.

The reliability of technical programs depends on data feeds. Charting programs require accurate price data delivered through a reliable method of transmission. Program reliability may also be a factor in time sensitive trading situations. The best stock market software programs are easy to use and understand. A well organized program delivers results with minimum effort.


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