How Do I Choose the Best Steam Dryer?

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Choosing a steam dryer can depend on the type of features that are desired. For example, some people may prefer one of many models that include the option of extra tumbling time to prevent wrinkled laundry. Also, certain models must be hooked up to a water supply for steam, while others have a holding tank that can be filled as needed. Many brands also offer a laundry freshening option. Energy efficiency, safety features, capacity, cost, and possible color choices should also be considered when making a purchase.

A steam dryer is designed to not only dry laundry, but also reduce wrinkling. A wrinkle-reducing feature allows the laundry to continue to tumble in the dryer after the drying cycle is complete. This additional time varies by the manufacturer, usually from two to three hours. This is included because laundry left sitting in a dryer is prone to wrinkles. Therefore, the additional tumbling feature may allow the user more time to remove items before creases set in.

Generally, two different types of water systems are used in steam dryers. Some models require a connection to water via plumbing. Other units have holding tanks that the owner must fill manually, as necessary. The choice for a holding tank may be important for anyone that does not have a readily available water connection. In other cases, it may be more convenient to have a water supply that does not need to be monitored.


Refreshing lightly worn clothing, or simply removing wrinkles from already dry items, is another beneficial feature on many steam dryers. A dryer with a short cycle of light steam and tumbling should provide this option. Buyers should check the available cycles on each model being considered to find the best choice for their needs. In addition, some brands offer an interior drying rack or hanger for items that could be damaged by tumbling.

Energy efficiency information should be available for buyers to review before making a purchase. Studying this and choosing an efficient steam dryer can result in utility cost savings. Some models have indicators that can alert users to a clog in the exhaust duct. This feature can reduce the possibility of a fire that could start if ductwork becomes blocked.

Capacity may also be an important consideration in choosing a new dryer. Dryers are normally available from 6.7 to 8.0 cubic feet (0.190 to 0.227 cubic meters). Large families may benefit from larger capacity units. Color choices often include white, silver, platinum, champagne, green, blue, or red. Additional considerations in choosing a steam dryer can include price, type of warranty, and availability of customer service.


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