How Do I Choose the Best Stainless Steel Toaster?

Mary Ellen Popolo

When purchasing a stainless steel toaster, you will need to make several decisions in order to choose the best one. Some important things to consider when shopping are the size of the toaster, the price, available features, and the style. Of course, your toast-making needs must also be evaluated since this is one of the most important criteria that will help you pick the best toaster.


One of the first choices you will need to make is whether you want a two-slice or a four-slice toaster. The number of slots you require depends on how many slices of toast you usually make at one time. If space allows, a larger toaster may be the way to go even if you seldom use all four slots at once. If you need a toaster that can make more than four slices of toast simultaneously, you may want to consider a commercial toaster or a toaster oven which can accommodate making six or more slices of toast at once.

Another key element in choosing a stainless steel toaster is the ability to regulate the lightness or darkness of the toast made. Although most toasters have adjustable toasting levels, the number of levels varies from one model to another. A four-slice toaster that allows the user to regulate the darkness of each side independently is an added bonus.

Once all of the key elements have been decided on, the next step is to further narrow down the selection by comparing the available features and deciding which you will and will-not use. Some features available on toasters are automatic shut-off, defrost, touch pad controls, and LED indicator lights. Cool touch is another option found in some styles of stainless steel toaster and keeps the outside of the appliance cool, even while the toaster is heating toast. Another option that some models offer is a beep alarm to notify you when the toast is ready.

A stainless steel toaster can be fully stainless or combine stainless steel with another color such as red or black. Some toasters are squarish, with sharp, clean lines, while others are more rounded. There are modern, classic, and retro styles to choose from. The style of the toaster should be something that you find visually appealing and that matches both the design of your kitchen and your current appliances.

The outer areas of a stainless steel toaster can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Being able to remove the crumbs from within the toaster is essential to keep them from burning. Purchasing a toaster with a removable crumb tray makes crumb removal easy.

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