How Do I Choose the Best Spritz Hair Spray?

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The best spritz hair spray will provide the right amount of hold or stiffness, be pleasantly scented, and fit into your budget. There is great variation in all three of these characteristics, so you may have to try some different brands before you find the right hairspray for you. Before you begin shopping, you should determine your hair styling needs.

For individuals who want a few flyaway hairs to lie flat or who want a little extra volume, a flexible hold hair spray provides the minimum amount of hold. This allows hair to move naturally while maintaining its style. Some flexible hold spritz hairsprays also make hair shinier. For the most natural feeling hair and maximum volume apply when your hair is still wet by flipping your hair over and spraying evenly throughout. Comb through and blow dry or air dry to style.

Medium hold spritz hair spray is usually called strong or extra strength. This type of hairspray is good for everyday styles which need significant hold. It is also good for curling stubbornly straight hair or maintaining a sleek style like a pony tail or chignon.


Maximum or ultra hold hair spray is usually for updos or extreme hair styles. It can also be used to spike short hair. In an updo, hair is styled and then sprayed until it is completely firm. This helps to ensure that gravity will not take its toll on the hairstyle for many, many hours. Since maximum hold hair spray is applied liberally and thoroughly coats the hair, it is not intended for everyday use.

Spritz hair spray may be scented or unscented. There are many types of scents, often based on florals or fruits, but scent is a personal decision, and the only way to choose the best one for you is to experience various scents and decide which you like best. Keep in mind that if you use a heavily scented shampoo or body wash, or wear perfume, a scented hairspray may create an overwhelming number of smells on your body. To avoid clashing scents, choose an unscented hair spray.

Many companies produce sample sizes of their spritz hair spray so that consumers can try the product before purchasing a large quantity. Samples are very inexpensive and are usually available wherever hair products are sold. Purchasing a sample before buying the full sized product makes sense, especially when salon quality brands are 10 to 20 times more expensive than regular hair products.


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Post 8

I spray flexible hold hair spray on my hair after I style it with the curling iron. Some people do it before, but I prefer to have my desired shape in place before setting it with the spritz.

After I curl all of my hair, I spritz my entire head with the spray. This helps my curls hold their shape longer. They used to fall out within a couple of hours, but with the spray, they last about eight hours.

I also use this spritz after straightening my hair. My locks tend to frizz in some places if there’s any humidity in the air. I use the flexible hold spray so that I can still brush through it without fluffing it up.

Post 7

When I had my hair put into an intricate updo for my wedding, my stylist used a maximum hold hair spray. It was an expensive salon brand, and it did its job wonderfully.

Some types of spritz spray that I have used made my hair feel wet, because they seemed to spit out the product rather than disperse it. The spritz that she used distributed the hair spray evenly, so I didn’t have any areas of wetness.

I had been worried that the veil might rub against my updo and mess it up. This hair spray guarded against that. After the reception, it still looked as good as it did before the ceremony.

Post 6

@ceilingcat - I agree, it is essential to try a few different kind of hair sprays. One tip: if you can't find free samples, you can often find travel bottles of hair spray for a dollar or two in the personal care section of most stores.

I also think that the "best" type of spritz hair spray can vary based on what you want to do with your hair. As the article, said, there are several different types of hair sprays that all serve different purposes. So make sure you have the right kind of hair spray for the way you're styling your hair!

Post 5

I have long hair, and I often pull it back. I wear either ponytails or french braids to work, but I always have pieces of hair that try to escape and fall down.

I got some medium hold hair spray. I spritz it onto the hair on the top and sides of my head after I style it. Unless the day is very gusty, the spray holds my hairstyle together.

In fact, it holds my hair so well that when I take it down, it stays slicked back out of my face. I have to wash my hair for it to look natural again.

Post 4

I was happy when I discovered that flexible hold hair spray existed. I hated the stiff and sticky feel of traditional hair spray, so I often went without. However, little pieces of hair were always poking me in the eyes, and I needed something to calm them down. I had tried water, but as soon as my hair dried, the pieces frizzed out again.

I saw an advertisement for flexible hold hair spray, and I got it the next day. I sprayed it on the hair surrounding my face, and I gently ran my fingers through it. It wasn’t stiff or hard!

The spray kept those tiny wisps in place, and I didn’t get poked in the eye all day. I was also able to use it for the short new hairs growing along my part that stick up and wave in the breeze. The spray held them flat.

Post 3

I really think the only way to choose the best hair spray is to try a lot of different kinds. I was buying the same type of hair spray for the longest time, and it worked kind of OK. I had never tried anything else because I didn't realize how many different types of hair sprays there were. I thought they were all kind of the same!

However, once I branched out and tried a few different brands I found a brand of hair spray that worked better than just "all right" on my hair. That being said, I still get samples of hair sprays every now and then just in case there is something even better out there!

Post 2

I would be lost without my spritz hair spray. It seems like we have a lot of days with wind and I hate having my hair fly all over the place. There are many times I will use it more than once during the day depending on how much I am in and out.

Since I love the scent of my shampoo and conditioner I always try to buy unscented hair spray. It seems like every time I have tried a scented one, I didn't like the scent or felt it clashed with the scent of my shampoo.

Post 1

I have never liked a stiff or heavy feel when it comes to hair spray. This is why I will always buy the flexible hold so it keeps the fly away hairs flat, but also lets the rest of my hair have some movement.

My mom still gets her hair styled every week and I remember she would always have a can of aerosol hair spray around. Her hair would be so stiff that even a wind storm wouldn't mess it up!

When I style my hair, I usually dry it and completely style it before using any hair spray. The main reason I use it is to give my bangs some volume.

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