How do I Choose the Best Spray Tanning Salon?

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Getting a fake tan from a spray tanning salon can be a much safer option than laying under tanning bulbs or out in the sun for hours. A spray tan can be a bit on the expensive side, so it is important to find a salon where it won't be a waste of time and money to go. Knowing what to look for when making a choice can allow for a positive experience.

The first decision to make when choosing a spray tanning salon is to contemplate whether semi-nudity in front of a stranger or claustrophobia is going to be a problem. One option is for a person to stand in a relatively small booth and get sprayed from all directions at once to receive color all over the body. Another option is to get partially naked in front of an airbrush technician who will do the spray using a portable machine. Some who get the spray tan may choose to go topless while others prefer to keep the top on. Some places may have both options available while others may only have one or the other.


When choosing a spray tanning salon, it is important to make sure the technicians are certified. This means they have completed a course and training to ensure they can do the process correctly. The training teaches how to avoid certain issues with spray tanning, including streaking. Even if the technician is certified, it is still important to ask how many spray tans she has previously performed.

Price can also play a factor in deciding on a spray tanning salon. Prices can vary from salon to salon, so it can be better to comparison shop to find which charges the lowest. A discount may be offered if the customer purchases a package deal, which allows a cheaper price than purchasing the spray tans individually. Another option is if the salon offers a discount to new customers or customers who have received other services but are interested in getting spray tanning done for the first time.

Reading or listening to personal reviews can be incredibly helpful when choosing a spray tanning salon. With the development of social media, some salons find it useful to have pages on popular websites. This is an excellent place to start when looking to see how reputable the salons are. Carefully evaluating several factors can allow for a pleasant experience rather than a disaster. Choosing a salon that helps their customers feel more confident and sexy can be beneficial for the short term as well as the long term.


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