How Do I Choose the Best Spray Tan Courses?

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The popularity of spray tans has resulted in some people wanting to learn the different techniques and start their own business. If you are interested in learning to spray tan, there are courses available. Some spray tan courses teach just the basics, such as techniques, customer preparation and equipment care. Others offer an in-depth education that may include information about accessories, marketing and client safety, eventually leading to spray tan certification. If you already run a salon, you may want to consider getting spray tan classes for several employees at once, allowing you the chance to serve more customers with this tanning technique.

One of the most important details of spray tan courses is the content you can expect to learn. Some classes are short and inexpensive, and may even be offered by phone or online. They tend only to explain the basic spray tan techniques, information on the equipment and ways to prepare customers for tanning. This type of education can get you started, but you are usually expected to learn more in-depth information, such as how to improve your technique, on your own. Other spray tan courses are more detailed and, thus, more expensive, teaching which spray tan accessories you should sell, how to ensure client safety and how to effectively market your business.


While the courses that go in-depth are usually more expensive, they often include spray tan certification. This is a certificate that shows you know the details about this tanning technique, as opposed to just learning the basics. You can hang the certificate in your salon and mention your certification in advertisements. This may attract customers who only trust experienced workers to help them tan, so spending the extra money on a course that offers certification could be a good move for your business.

You may be able to get training for your whole staff if you think the demand for spray tanning is high enough. Of course, paying for spray tan courses for several people can get expensive, but the results may be worth it if you get enough customers requesting this type of tan. If the cost for group spray tan courses is too high for your budget, you can consider training your staff on your own after taking a class, though your employees will not be considered certified.


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