How Do I Choose the Best Spermicide Lube?

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When you are trying to choose the best spermicide lube, the most important factor to consider is effectiveness. It makes sense to choose a product that has been tested and is determined to be highly effective. You may also do well to choose a lubricant that does not contain chemicals that are likely to irritate sensitive tissues. Additionally, you might choose a lubricant based on whether or not you want to use a condom with it; if you do, a water-based lubricant is usually best.

One of the most important things to consider when you are trying to choose the best spermicidal lube is its effectiveness. Each lube may differ in this respect. In general, however, many spermicidal lubes are only about 70-percent effective when the average person uses them. If you follow the instructions perfectly, however, their effectiveness can reach 85 percent. In any case, it generally is best to select the type that has the highest effectiveness for typical use.


The best spermicide lube typically has an active ingredient that is referred to as nonoxynol-9. This ingredient has been well tested for its effectiveness when it comes to killing sperm. Additionally, there have been some studies that produced evidence that nonoxynol-9 may help to prevent infection with some types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you choose to use a spermicide lube that does not contain this active ingredient, you may do well to research the ingredient that prevents pregnancy before you purchase it. You will need a lube with a highly effective main ingredient if you are going to rely on it for birth control.

It is also important to choose a spermicide lube based on its non-active ingredients. The genital area is sensitive, and some ingredients can cause a good deal of irritation. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine whether a lube will prove irritating before you use it. In such a case, you may choose to research each of the inactive ingredients to learn whether or not it is a good choice for use in sensitive areas. You can also read online reviews to learn whether consumers have suffered irritation after using it.

Often, people use spermicidal lubes in conjunction with condoms for the prevention of pregnancy and STDs. If you plan to do so, it is critical that you choose a spermicide lube that will not weaken latex condoms. Instead of choosing an oil-based lube for use with a condom, it is usually best to opt for a water-based product.


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