How Do I Choose the Best Speech Recognition Software?

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Speech recognition software is a type of software program that is designed to recognize general speech and respond accordingly, such as in the execution of basic commands or creating word processing documents. Somewhat broader in scope than voice recognition software that allows for accents and other nuances of the speech pattern of an individual user, this type of software is helpful in a number of situations, such as issuing commands to a computer program, accessing various devices in a home area network, and even activating a GPS program while driving. Choosing the best possible speech recognition software requires evaluating the features of the program, considering the range of applications that the user has in mind, and comparing the cost of the software with similar programs.

One of the first steps in choosing the best possible speech recognition software is to know what you need the program to do. If the idea is to have something that aids in simple online tasks such as verbally entering login information when visiting a web site or using a verbal command to open a word processing program, many of the basic speech programs will meet those needs easily. Many of these basic applications are very straightforward and easy to configure, meaning that even if you’ve never actually installed and used this type of program before, the task will be very simple.


For users who require a wider range of features to cover additional activities, the focus should be on speech recognition software programs that can be customized to manage additional tasks. Identify the software options that include all the features you have in mind and then determine which of these several packages will be the easiest to adapt to your specific needs. Keep in mind you want the product to be easy to install, upgrade, and use on a daily basis. As part of this process, also make sure the software you have in mind is compatible with the operating system you run as well as the other software programs that you plan on using in tandem with the speech recognition software. For example, if the idea is to use verbal entry to create word processing documents, make sure the software is designed to interact with the word processing software you routinely use to create new documents.

As with any type of software purchase, the cost of the speech recognition software is a factor to consider. After narrowing the list down to two or three that meet your needs, look closely as factors such as customer service and support after the sale, and the ability to receive updates at no additional charge. Assuming the range of features and ease of use is similar with all options, go with the one that is most cost effective, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without spending any more money than necessary.


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