How do I Choose the Best Solar USB Charger?

C.B. Fox

A solar universal serial bus (USB) charger is a useful tool for charging electronic devices while on the go. Price, size, efficiency, durability, and intended use should all be considered in order to choose the best solar USB charger. Though many units are similar, there are some features that may make one or another a better choice.

A USB cable.
A USB cable.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a solar USB charger is what the charger will be used for. There are many chargers that are made specifically for one device or another. Someone who is looking to charge only one type of device, such as a cell phone or an mp3 player, can select a charger that is designed to work with that device. To charge a variety of electronic devices, however, it would be best to choose a solar USB charger that is designed to work with a number of different devices.

USB cables are used to connect devices -- such as solar chargers -- to computers.
USB cables are used to connect devices -- such as solar chargers -- to computers.

The efficiency of a solar USB charger is also important to consider. Someone who is always on the go may not have time to wait an entire day to charge a single device. Also, though many devices are designed to charge only one device at at a time, chargers are available that can provide power for several electronic devices at once.

Most solar USB chargers are designed to be portable, though some will withstand travel better than others. A person who is planning on taking a charger on a trip, during which the device may be jostled, may want to select a charger that is built for durability. The size of the charger may also be a factor to consider. Most USB solar chargers are small, though a smaller size may decrease the efficiency of the solar cell. More powerful and larger solar cells may be more convenient if space is not limited.

Price may also play a role in the selection of a solar USB charger. Many discount units are available, and most of them will serve the needs of the average user. These discount devices will successfully charge a small electronic device or battery, though they may require a long time in the bright sun in order to work. More expensive devices may be able to charge devices more quickly and to function in partial sunlight.

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